the hunger games

  1. C

    The Hunger Games Costume Reference [Picture Heavy]

    Hey, Everyone! During the last few weeks in December, I was able to do a few day trips to New York City and visited the Hunger Games Exhibition Twice (first time I had time constraints, second time not so much). I went for my sister since she couldn't make it due to travel and time constraints...
  2. R

    Catching Fire Peacekeeper costume

    Hi everybody! I recently have decided to (at least attempt to) make a Peacekeeper outfit for the Mocking Jay part 2 premier at my local theater (sometime in November). I am planning to make this out of EVA foam and craft foam. I am pretty new to these but from the amount of experience I have...
  3. L

    'The Hunger Games - Mockingjay' costume

    Hey guys, I am new in this costume and prop thing (so don't be mean with me please). I am planning to do a Katniss/Mockingjay costume, but I'm having a little problem... Does anyone know a good material or recommend me a material to do her "wings"?
  4. E

    Katniss Wedding Gown, from The Hunger Games

    Starting a fun project. Last week, I went on facebook and BEGGED for someone to give me an excuse to make the Katniss wedding gown. One of my friends mentioned wanting it for her 11 year old daughter, one thing led to another, and Saturday morning we went fabric shopping. The daughter had NO...
  5. J

    HELP! Looking for an ID on some Adidas trainers

    Hi, I was wondering if any of you lovely people might be able to help me identify some modified Adidas trainers for a costume ID. After spending last night for hours getting nowhere I'm reaching out. I think a few options we came up with was the 'Breeze' line, possibly a Climacool trainer...
  6. Elliot2000

    Peacekeeper Costume from The Hunger Games- Help needed identifying the baton...

    I recently managed to snag the sash version of the Peacekeeper costume from The Hunger Games on eBay. The only issue is that the stun baton was not included for some reason with the costume. I didn't even notice the baton was not included in the auction until after the fact. When I asked the...
  7. P

    Hunger Games Peacekeeper?

    Has anyone done a peacekeeper costume from the Hunger games? I watched Catching Fire yesterday and thought that the peacekeeper costume would be a fun one. For Reference: