the goonies

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  1. Rylo

    89 Bat Grapple (Modular Utility Unit) / 66 Bat Shield, Goonies adventure set, etc.

    Hey gang, finally getting a minute to check in and I wanted to share a few things with you here, first. I've been pretty busy with a great group of guys over at Paragon FX Group. Paragon is a new replica company and I think you're gonna really like how they're doing things. For starters, No...
  2. Krats

    Limited Run Goonies - Budget Copper Bones Key

    This is casting of the copperbones key from The Goonies, based on original research. Available in patinated cold cast copper or painted to match the screen used prop as you choose. Back face may present some minor bubbles or casting blemishes. Let’s be clear from the outset, if you want a...
  3. Krats

    Goonies Copper Bones - COMPLETE

    Hi guys, I know there are a couple of very good replicas of this out there already (produced by two of the most respected members of our community no less) but I thought I’d take a crack at making my own version of the Copperbones. I spent an enjoyable afternoon scanning through the goonies...
  4. FathomRequiem

    My collection... So far.

    Hello everyone, This is my first post so I figured I'd start by sharing my collection with you. I've been dropping eaves around here for a few years now and finally decided I'd share some pics of what I've gathered so far. Some things were made by members on here, others were found elsewhere...
  5. F

    Goonies key

    Here is a Goonies key I made. I sculpted it in clay then because that was brittle I attached a copper plate to the back. So it's not really an accurate replica but I love the feel of it. I've also made a case for it from a bought box that I put a soft padded area to hold the key.
  6. TuskenRaider

    Goonies Copper Bones - Verdigris patina effect advice

    Hey guys, Been a member for a while now and been following lots of your builds. I'm always amazed at the incredible things you come up with and I've been inspired into starting a few of my own projects. I'm new to the whole prop making and don't have much relevant experience so really starting...
  7. a438980

    Question About Solder-Casting

    I have one of the plastic Pirates of the Caribbean mayan coins that looks like gold plastic and was thinking about using some kind of mould to make a copy of it out of solder that I could then paint with gold leaf paint for a more authentic look but I'm worried about losing the details and about...
  8. Jintosh

    The Goonies---------The Gold Coin

    I designed the gold coin and printed it at Shapeways. This is the Gold Plated Brass version. I have put a post in Project Runs with further pictures of the other materials available and details of how to order.
  9. T

    Goonies original props on craigslist in Los Angeles It's all he has for sale currently. Are they real?
  10. Jedifyfe

    Goonies Screen Used Props???

    What ever happend to these props. I have never seen any screen used props. They obviously had them for the Fan Magazine shoots and since it was a Spielberg produced film I would assume some of these props would have survived, expecially: The Map Copper Bones Newspapers Dabloun Costumes Data's...

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