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  1. Z

    The Flash Costume Help

    My friend wants to do a flash cosplay for the upcoming Tampa megacon, where he'll be wearing a morph suit and some pepakura armor over it, and I'm looking for some simple pepakura body armor parts (chestplate, shoulder pads, etc.) I don't want them to be from anything I just want simple armor...
  2. F

    Want to Buy I'm looking for a high quality CW Flash TV cowl.

    I'm looking for a high quality Flash cowl done in the style of the CW TV show. Hopefully something similar in qualiy to TheRocketeer's phenomenal work I learned about months too late. Thank you.

    The Flash Costume Build Thread!

    Hey RPFers! This is my first thread so please go easy on the comments. I have increasingly been obsessed with the flash. I realized that he is not just some guy who can run fast. He has been one of the coolest superheroes ever. Paying homage to the speedster, I have decided to make a Flash...
  4. T

    The Reverse Flash CW costume

    Has anybody made a file of The Reverse Flash cw costume? Or comic version?
  5. deathstroke132

    Want to Buy CW flash cowl

    i am looking for a CW flash cowl. i have searched on ebay and have found nothing. any help appreciated - - - Updated - - - like this one but with the tv series ear pieces
  6. S

    Batman and Flash Sculpts

    Greetings everyone. I'm new on this site and wanted to share to sculpts that I recently did. Please let me know what you think of them. Batman (a mix of designs): Flash:

    Custom Flash Build

    Seeing as Flash was always my childhood hero, I have decided to start this build. I will probably need to get some advise on how to do the mask -STARL0RD
  8. lukester

    Captain Cold - CW The Flash

    Starting this thread in anticipation of next weeks episode on The Flash. "Going Rogue". Which will feature Leonard Snart. I'll update this thread after the episode airs with more pictures but for now this is all we have. The "costume" is pretty basic. It's mostly street clothes, a Heavy...
  9. L

    Ame comi flash helmet.. help!

    I am building the Ame Comi Flash cosplay and I have decided to try and make the helmet out of resin/fiberglass ect. Only probably is I have never used Pepakura Designer... I don't even know where to begin. I'm searching for good instructions to make the paper model. (sorry if my terms are off...
  10. K

    Flash costume build

    My first Flash costume. Very happy with the end result. Cowl: BigGeek1972, painted by me, too dark the first time so I went with a lighter red Suit: 4neodesigns, printed at local Phoenix, AZ company, suit boots were cut into stirrups and the hood was cut off. The turtleneck collar has...
  11. garrettation

    The Flash. Custom Costume.

    Hi guys. I'm going to be working on a Flash costume for the MCM Expo (England) in October this year. It's not going to be a replica from the upcoming t.v show, or from any of the comics/games/cartoons. I'm aiming to use these as reference to creating a BRAND NEW suit. So far I'm more...
  12. TheRocketeer

    Limited Run The Flash TV Series Cowl from 3D Scan model data

    Our newest project that we have been working on for a few weeks...well more like Bimmer has been :) The Flash cowl, highly accurate to the TV cowl. This will be a longer project as its still in the 3D stage, and I have to clear up some other projects/runs before this gets started. Here are a...
  13. Bcarp100

    Injustice The Flash Suit

    I have always loved The Flash, but his simple outfit has never really been something I have desired to cosplay. Until I saw the Injustice Flash, his costume is almost like a sort of armor and lately I've been thinking about taking a stab at that version. My question is has anyone attempted this...
  14. I

    The Flash WIP

    I have a plan on making a New 52 Flash suit that has lights running through it. Does anyone know of any links that will help me learn how to do fiberglass masks or a link to some thin lights of some sort? I could really use the help, considering this is my first costume, ever.
  15. TK8541

    Justice League HQ!

    DC Universe Costumers: the Justice League HQ has launched! Much like the 501st Legion organized groups of Star Wars fans from all over the world into functioning sets of smaller squads, garrisons, and so on, the Justice League HQ is organizing DC Universe costumers into one hub of operation...