the flash

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  1. Manhattan

    CC Jitters The Flash

    Looking to build a mini CC Jitters Sign need help finding the specific pattern/material the sign is from the front.
  2. C

    Ezra Miller Flash Suit 3D Model WIP

    Hey everyone! I've been a long time lurker on these forums and I am finally glad I'm a member! Words don't explain my hype for Justice League, and more specifically, the cinematic debut of The Flash. I have every bit of faith in Ezra and can't wait for his performance of the scarlet...
  3. K

    Which thickness of Eva Foam I should use for The Flash Movie Armored Suit?

    Yes i am wondering it. I thought i can use 6mm but it is too thick for it. So what do u think about thickness of eva foam?
  4. B

    Unlimited Run CW Kid Flash 3d printed chest emblem and belt buckle

    CW Kid Flash 3d printed chest emblem and belt buckle the set is for $70 USD shipped in the USA
  5. A

    Justice League , The Flash Cowl / Helmet , Ezra Miller (3D Model and Pepakura file)

    Privet vsem! (its on Russian,heh) For the past few weeks I modeling The Flash helmet from the upcoming film Justice League. Really like this design,color and Ezra in this role : ) So,I want to share you some process picture. Unfortunately, I haven`t a lot of references,but for begining its good...
  6. WarDarkFox

    Completed: The CW Flash

    Wanted to share the almost finished progress of costume. With little to no free time this year I decided to purchase the pieces from several people and spend the time putting them together and tweaking them to get the final look as close to the show as I could. The Jacket, Pants, and gloves...
  7. kiyominai

    Interest Justice League - The Flash - Brick Pattern Undersuit Screen Printed Fabric Run

    Hello everyone, I hope everyone enjoyed the Justice League trailer as much as I did. Anyways, a high resolution image of the movie version of the Flash suit was released yesterday and as you can notice, there's a brick pattern design on the undersuit of the fabric as seen here: Since I...
  8. S

    Ezra Miller's Flash Suit

    So after seeing the new Flash suit in the 'Justice League' trailer, I wanted to build it. My question is what would be the best materials to make the suit out of?
  9. M

    Is anyone doing CBS/CW Supergirl?

    I'm really surprised that that there's not more Supergirl builds on here. Is anybody making this suit? I've tried to get it commissioned on here, with no reply. Any other fans here?
  10. D

    Vibe glasses

    Hello! I'm looking to make a pair of Cisco's Vibe glasses, from the Flash CW show..I did a test pair and they came out great, except that I couldn't figure out a way to make them light up that worked well. I tried using EL wire, but it wasn't nearly bright enough. I also attempted to strap a set...
  11. U

    reverse flash cw costume

    lets make the reverse flash costume
  12. LoveofCountry

    Run Barry, Run!! Season 2 CW Flash costume build resource (Pic Heavy)

    Greetings everybody! Hoping to build this up as a resource/ inspiration for anybody else looking to get into a Flash costume build. First off, I was heavy inspired by SMP Designs thread over heeeerre: I wouldn't be NEARLY as happy with my...
  13. Indy Magnoli

    Deathstorm (Firestorm) Leather Jacket by Magnoli Clothiers

    Just finished this Deathstorm leather jacket (black goatskin) complete with full black satin lining for a customer: Kind regards, Magnoli
  14. E

    Need some suggestions/recommendations about custom leather/PU commissions

    Hello everyone! My wife and I are fans of The Flash TV series, and she really wants to cosplay as Killer Frost. I'd like some suggestions/recommendations for a supplier that can design and make a custom leather or polyurethane jacket, corset, and pants. Who have you used? Do you recommend...
  15. C

    Flash Cowl full template for elastic foam

    ...Hi! I just want to leave the link to my template of my foam-made flash cowl here.!downloads/n4yok Materials i used: - Evazote EV30 - liquid latex - polymorph - acrylic paints For the stretchy paint i mixed up liquid latex with acrylic paints: 1:1 mixture. Bad...
  16. Irongreymon

    CW-ish The Flash on a budget.

    While Halloween may be long since past, I thought I'd share my attempt at making a homemade Flash costume put together earlier this year, on a fairly modest budget I might add. I'm a huge fan of the CW show so I'd based my design on the one modelled by Grant Gustin. I did however put a...
  17. T

    Want to Buy Con-Safe Arrow Season 4 Kestrel Replica

    Hello, I'm looking to purchase a used con-safe version of the Green Arrow bow from the current season. I just found out that I will be attending a con in March, and would love to have this as part of my cosplay. Thank you, Chris
  18. Bogleo

    Reverse Flash Ring

    I just finished season one of the CW Flash show, so I wanted to make the Reverse Flash's ring. I modeled it in Blender: I printed one in trans yellow PLA, but it was too big, and the print quality was meh. :unsure I'll get some pics of it up once I get home. Will be re-printing it soon, and...
  19. Riza

    CW Flash Suit Build

    Hey everyone, Decided to post my flash suit build. I made a pattern from a duct tape dummy and I'm now sewing up the jacket part which is made from burgundy leather and a sports like athletic material screen printed with a lighting bolt texture. I'm basing the colours off of the season 2 suit...
  20. T

    The Flash Custom suit

    Hello. I am new to the site so I am sorry if this is not where this should go. Okay, So i am making a Flash fan film and the suit will be based off of some concept art we found online. How would we make this without it looking dumb? The Main concept art we are using:
  21. S

    Jay Garrick Golden Age Flash Helmet (CW TV show Style)

    So I'm making a reproduction of Jay Garrick's helmet as seen in the Flash season 1 finale. Bear in mind Im pretty new to prop/costume building, the only costume I have made before is a New 52 inspired flash costume for Manchester Comic Con 2014...
  22. P

    Want to Buy Good quality CW reverse flash costume

    I want to buy a really good quality CW reverse flash costume, something that looks almost identical to the one they use in the show, any help would be great thanks :)
  23. npoulos39

    Comic Book Flash Costume - WIP

    Love the CW flash series and the costume but for me nothing beats the comic/animated style look of the simple spandex so I'm attempting to make a custom spandex suit with a little bit of a twist too it. Here is a quick rendering of what a plan to do. I plan on thick dark red seams with a bright...
  24. kiyominai

    Interest CWTV Flash - Screen Printed Fabric Texture

    Hello everyone, So I've been experimenting with a lot of screen printing and ink, and just the other week, I was able to see the Flash suit in person. I was wondering if there'd be anyone who'd be interested in a screen printed texture of the Flash suit (found on his arms and torso). I will...
  25. SMP Designs

    Ready, Set... CW Flash WIP (Pic Heavy)

    I've got a new project started (and it's not a Captain America!). I've been looking around and getting reference from the client and was able to jump into getting this one going last week. Here are a few of the reference images from the library I have. Like most projects, this one begins...

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