the flash

  1. Rusty 714

    Injustice 2 custom flash cosplay

    Hi everyone. I am going to be cosplaying this custom version of The Flash from Injustice 2 Let's call him Wally West. If all goes well my plan is to make a muscle suit under a tight grey shirt and grey pants. Then I will sew the details on, and put EVA foam pads on the chest, boots, and arms...
  2. JKRIB

    Interest CW The Flash TV Show - CC Jitters Coffee Cups!

    Hello everyone! I have previously made some CC Jitters replicas from The Flash TV show (Brown mugs, green mugs, drink posters) I have been trying to recreate the coffee cups, for a while now and it finally might happen! Just wanted to see who is interested first. These will be the same...
  3. CarverSindile

    What binders were used for the Cisco's Who's Who? Binder from Arrowverse's The Flash TV series?

    I was thinking from looking things up on the internet that it was either the Exceed heavy duty binder or the 3-Ring Better BInder from Staples. Was wondering if either one of them were used or another binder or if one of those two binders were used as the basis for the binder then modified.
  4. NycWallCrawler9

    PVC Flash Cowl Painting?

    Hi does anyone know what kind of paint would be best to use on a pvc flash cowl? I have a black xcoser one I want to paint but I'm not sure what to use.
  5. NycWallCrawler9

    CW Flash Helmet Fix??

    Hi everyone! I had a question about this Xcoser flash helmet I got (which will be shaped and painted) and the thing is it actually fits me PERFECT ...except for the chin... The sides fit great but the chin comes out to far, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about making it fit right...
  6. B

    Season 5 Flash Costume

    Need a bit of help in regards to making or buying the parts to make a Season 5 Flash Costume This will be my first cosplay on this scale and I'd appreciate any tips or any pointers on fabric or anything like that.
  7. DB537

    Deprecated Cancelled due to low interest - CW The Flash - 2024 'Flash Missing Vanishes in Crisis' Newspaper Poster Print

    Interest thread for full-color and full-size poster prints of the 2024 'Flash Missing Vanishes in Crisis' newspaper page from CWs 'The Flash'. I've got completed artwork ready to print, just need sufficient interest before I make the order from the printers. I will have more information on...
  8. J

    Pensacon 2018

    Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to the RPF. I'm a videographer and cosplayer myself. I went to Pensacon 2018 and saw amazing cosplay and it was truly inspirational! My Youtube Channel is dedicated to spreading the love for conventions and cosplaying! Check out my latest Cosplay Showcase and Music...
  9. M

    The flash DCEU helmet

    figured out the texuring almost done now!!
  10. A

    DOJ Flash Armored Speedforce Suit Build [WIP]

    Hey all so I'm taking a break on my Red Hood build until I get the helmet so I was looking around what to do next. The Flash is my favorite superhero and I saw a picture Ironhead Studios posted on Instagram with the suit Flash wore in the dream sequence in Dawn of Justice when he spoke to Bruce...
  11. DB537

    The Flash 2024 Newspaper

    Here's something I was working on for a while. It's the April 25 2024 Central City Newspaper from The Flash. It's still a work in progress about 85% done but it might be quite some time until it's finished. There were no other decent versions of this posted anywhere. I put a blur on it because...
  12. S

    Injustice 2- flash cosplay

    I recently started playing Injustice 2 and actually love the flash's suit in the game! I was wanting to make a cosplay of it but don't know which materials i should use. If anyone has any ideas or tips, please comment! Here's the suit.
  13. Matamune

    Ezra Miller Flash Suit (Justice League)

    So I am looking at another possible cosplay from the Flash world, this time from Justice League. I wanted to gauge your guys' reaction to some ideas. I looked on eBay for suits, and there is this one that I found that's basically all leather, similar to Grant Gustins suit from the TV show. It...
  14. Matamune

    Zoom Cosplay (CW)

    Hi everyone! So I am going to a con in a few months, and I've decided I want to cosplay as Zoom from the CW The Flash TV show. The problem is, I have never made clothing before, and have not time to start learning now. So I was going on some online stores to see if I could buy one, but there are...
  15. danburnsjla15

    Flash Costume Questions

    So its been years since I posted (sorry, haven't had any serious cosplay commitments since then) but now I've got a big one planned. It's going to be either The Flash, or Robin. Flash will probably be based around the Justice League movie Ezra Miller version, and Robin would be my own design...
  16. S

    The Flash jacket/hoodie

    Hello I just wanted to share my "project" that I have been working on. I bought a flash jacket a couple of months ago with the intention of making it into a "hoodie" type of jacket. So far I'm getting some progress This is what it looks like atm I still need to add some stuff like...
  17. A

    Killer Frost/Caitlin Snow - Cosplay Advice?

    Hi all, First time posting, second time cosplaying. I am a fan of the CW Flash and really want to cosplay as Killer Frost/Caitlin Snow from the TV series for Comic-Con this year (for 3 of 4 days). I just wanted to get a sense from other fans if my concepts are intuitive or if you think nobody...
  18. 1

    CW Flash Accurate Replica Suit Cosplay Build PIC HEAVY

    Hey guys! This thread is about my accurate CW Flash Replica Suit build which is currently a work in progress. First off, a little backstory. Last May I completed my first Flash suit. I used one of the standard suits from aliexpress and the cowl was made by TheRocketeer. It wasn't bad for a first...
  19. sdasi1

    CW (The Real) Jay Garrick Build

    As soon as I saw John Wesley Shipp put on that Jay Garrick costume I instantly fell in love it and so I have decided to give my Reverse Flash costume a bit of a break and switch to light side of the speedsters to create a full Jay Garrick costume.
  20. S

    The Flash Possible WayneTech Cosplay

    Hello, After seeing the concept art of the flash from the BVS Ultimate Edition, I wanted to find more concept art. I was wanting to cosplay it but have no idea how to go about building the suit. If anyone has any tips and or ideas, they would greatly be appreciated.
  21. JKRIB

    Limited Run CW Flash - FLASH DAY Foam Bolts

    REFERENCE: Lightning Bolts! Replicas of the bolts, seen during the FLASH DAY celebration Featured in Season 2 Episode 1, "The Man Who Saved Central City" Color: Yellow Material: Foam Size: Just under 24 inches long 16 available $3 each + shipping, based on your location. 3 bolts can...
  22. JKRIB

    Limited Run CW The Flash TV Show - CC Jitters Mugs!

    My Green Mug Replica! The Flash Reference Photos! My Brown Mug Replica! The Flash Reference Photos! DETAILS: Inspired by the Flash - These ceramic mugs are the same model as seen on the show! Featuring accurate details. Artwork is professionally screen printed, with 2 color passes, on...
  23. N

    The Flash WIP

    Ok, so again, I'm brand new at this so go easy on me. Haha. I'm taking bits and pieces of ideas from several different Flash costumes that I like as well as adding some components that are my own idea. Overall though, I feel like the majority of the costume is coming from the new Justice...
  24. Manhattan

    CC Jitters The Flash

    Looking to build a mini CC Jitters Sign need help finding the specific pattern/material the sign is from the front.
  25. C

    Ezra Miller Flash Suit 3D Model WIP

    Hey everyone! I've been a long time lurker on these forums and I am finally glad I'm a member! Words don't explain my hype for Justice League, and more specifically, the cinematic debut of The Flash. I have every bit of faith in Ezra and can't wait for his performance of the scarlet...