the fifth element

  1. CntAllBeWinners

    Korben Dallas Blaster Reference Pictures

    So I recently did some Google-fu to find these pictures of what seems to be a hero prop that went up for auction awhile back. They're pretty good quality and I haven't seen them posted so I thought I'd share. I only found them by going to the url of an image that had originally been posted by...
  2. Lenitas

    Fifth Element McDonald's GOLDEN MENU

    First of all, happy 25th birthday to The Fifth Element! For my movie night I wanted a Golden Menu like the cops order in the movie. I think it turned out great! I didn't put any effort into the fry packaging (it's just McD large fries sleeves filled with mozza sticks), but my husband and I...
  3. tmax

    Vintage Electronics Lot - Found Parts?!!

    While traveling around New Zealand with the fam I came across a rather ambiguous listing on Marketplace - “Early radio parts in box”. These sounded perfect for my Ray-Gun builds. Scrolling through the couple pics I immediately noticed one particular dial that made purchasing the entire lot...
  4. RobertMuldoon

    The Fifth Element (1997) – Egyptian Temple

    I’m working on a paper about The Fifth Element for a conference exploring the reception of ancient Egypt in Sci-Fi, which looks at how Egypt is represented and recreated in the film. Surprisingly it’s not a topic which I can find has had much/any discussion, and the closest I could find are some...
  5. animatormatthew

    zf1 gun 1:1 scale 3d print just 4 parts

  6. tmax

    Interest Fifth Element Mangalore Grenade Kit - $95

    Seeing what interest there is (other than my own) for a 3D printed kit of this awesome prop! We'll try source the springs and some pipe for the housing, so it's a complete kit. Price $95 + $25 Shipping Worldwide Who's keen? Interest List: @jasonw2112 @dmccue @RobI @bill313...
  7. zorg

    Limited Run FIFTH ELEMENT - Korben Dallas Trophies

    a pair of fifth element trophy sculpts (only a pair not single items) a high quality addition to your 5th element collection. Painted ones are my own pair to show what the finished articles can look like, i'm not interested in offering finished versions, i just don't have the time sorry...
  8. Jediknightandy

    1:1 Mangalore (Fifth Element) head sculpt- WIP

    just wanted to share updates here of my sculpt I am working on, its a Mangalore from the Fifth Element. My plan is to make a latex mask from this once it it is finished and molded. I will be updating this thread as often as I can, I'm slowly chipping away at the sculpt in the evenings, hope you...
  9. RayR

    Want to Buy MULTIPASS

    Anyone have one of those repro Fifth Element LeeLoo multipass that has the working light. It was made by a member several years ago. I would be interested in making a reasonable offer. Cheers
  10. BrotherWilliam

    Fifth Element Military uniform

    I'm getting back into costuming after a long absence and I've decided to attempt General Munro's uniform from the Fifth Element. Most of the bits and pieces are relatively straight forward. I'm going to have to make the coat and the belt but the rest should work with off the shelf items. One...
  11. Win7ermute

    Want to Buy Fifth Element Police Blaster

    Either the HCG replica or a finished model of the same quality.
  12. C

    WIP: The Fifth Element: Police Blaster Build Thread

    Starting a scratch build for one of my favorite weapons in Science Fiction. Ye Olde Fifth Element Police Blaster. Started working on the greeblies and I have most of the body designed from screenshots but I'm having the damnedest time finding the font for the engraving. My wife is a graphic...
  13. Jake Kassnoff

    Zorg Industries ZF1

    I'm taking on a build from one of my all time favorite movies, "The Fifth Element" here's what I've got so far:
  14. N

    Want to Buy Fifth Element ZF1

    I'm looking to buy a ZF-1 finished, ideally one with a metal frame thats not been 3d printed and has to be a very very good replica. I'm in the UK but I can cover P&P from other country's. Thanks Chris
  15. MattgomeryBurns

    Want to Buy Fifth Element props wanted

    Looking for anything and everything: stones, Tee's paper props, etc. Thanks!
  16. Mike J.

    Happy Birthday, Ian Holm!

    Perhaps most famous as the villainous Ash in Alien, but also well-regarded for Father Vito Cornelius in The Fifth Element and the older Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit / LOTR movies.
  17. Scadge

    Mangalore Grenade Prop Replica

    Hello all, I am happy to say I have finished my first ever prop replica (Mangalore Grenade from The Fifth element) I am ecstatic how it came out and felt the need to share. I was a bit uneasy when i first started the on the prop but I can sit back and appreciate it now that its on my display...
  18. Scadge

    What was your first prop replica?

    Hello everyone, I am currently at 98% complete on first ever prop replica of the Mangalore grenade from "The Fifth Element". I am curious as to what are some of your first ever prop builds?
  19. joeydee

    5th Element: Mr. Kim's Boat 1/35

    Hi there, I'd like to share my 1/35 scale Mr Kim build here. It is my only movie related model yet, normally I build less famous concepts or my own ideas. I started this one last year, paused some months, and hope to finish it this summer. Most parts are from scratch with a little kitbashing...
  20. N

    Multipass Display

    i am wanting to build a display for my multipass. i am thinking of making it look like the slot they insert them into when they are getting to the shuttle to Fhloston Paradise. like this would also like to...
  21. AGxM

    Want to Buy Mutant-Enemy Mangalore Grenade and anything Fifth Element

    Been kicking myself ever since I missed out on one of Mutant-Enemy's Mangalore Grenades and hoping , beyond hope that there may be one available out there. Also might be interested in someone giving a ball park figure to produce a 1;2 Mangalore bust? Thanks
  22. J

    Fifth Element Stone Quick Holiday Build

    Got bored over the holidays and decided to do a quick build of the Fifth element stones, what do you think? They were made from Foam (only thing I had). They were glued together with DAP weld wood contact cement. and painted with a base coat of spray paint, then weathered with acrylic paint. for...
  23. StudioCreations

    Tutorial : ZF-1 Assembly

    With the help of Superkrates, I started building an assembly tutorial for the ZF-1 replica and uploaded it on my website.... ZF1 - Assembly Tutorial ... please bear with me as this is a work in progress. Post Here any questions you have about the tutorial. Questions help me identify...
  24. Tee

    Fifth Element - Video Door Phone

    Hi all! For this new episode I wish to show you my Korben Dallas' Video Door Phone. After identification of the Citizen CK451, I waited several months before finding one on sale. You can used the CK or the DK version. CK is with a car kit mount and the DK has an battery pack on back. In...
  25. Tee

    Fifth Element - Mangalore Missile

    Hi all! My last completed project. Like the original, constructed of metal with plastic tip of a rocket from Estes Bull Pup 12D (EST 1972). An original was sold by Profiles in History in the Hollywood Auction #30. You can see it here : Mangalore rocket movie prop missile from The...