the expanse

  1. gvaro

    The Expanse Inspired Hand Terminal / Communicator

    LOVE LOVE LOVE The Expanse, and all of the props from the show. Especially the ever-present hand terminal/communicators that they use. It wasn't until watching a Kyle Hill video where he whipped out an acrylic replica prop of a hand terminal that it clicked with me - I can make this on the...
  2. F

    The Expanse - Zip Pull ID?

    Hi folks, I hope this is the right way/place to do this. I'm trying to ID the zipper pull that's used on Amos Burton's mechanic suit in The Expanse and I've had no luck as yet, so thought I'd post it here to see if anyone has any thoughts? These are the best shots I can find of it.
  3. magicaldr

    Generic Belter suit from The Expanse on a shoestring (WIP)

    First time build for me from scratch, my WIP Belter suit. I have one other cosplay but that is made from multiple sources/kits, like the amazing BenofKent and Nickatron, (a ghostbuster). This is all from raw stuff, own 3d prints and me bar the hand terminal someone on the RPF made :) I love...
  4. TheMurph

    The Expanse belter breaching pod, a beginners attempt

    I've decided to have a go at making one of the improvised belter breaching pods from the expanse! Still pretty new to model making so any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated! Especially with how to go about making the 4 thruster things on each corner! All made from styrene so far...
  5. Kokanee

    The Expanse: Belter Vac Suit Build

    Oy beratnas! I've decided to do a generic Belter costume from The Expanse for Halloween 2021. As opposed to my Apollo A7L suit for last Halloween (Apollo A7L Moon Suit), which was all scratch built this build will be a good mix of found parts, 3D printing, and sewing to complete it. I want to...
  6. Wailonskydog

    The Expanse: Holden Season 4 Build/Research

    Was re-watching The Expanse and somehow stumbled on the jacket the Roci crew wear in season 4. Turns out it's an Arcteryx Gamma MX jacket and the older model used in Expanse is available at their outlet store for not an insane price (like their newer clothes). Since I had been in the market for...
  7. Wailonskydog

    The Expanse - Season 4 Roci/RCE Gloves??

    Anyone got an ID on these gloves? This is the best shot I've found. You can almost make out the logo on the velcro closure but I can't find them anywhere. Putting together a season 4 Holden costume. This is a pretty minor part but seems like it should be possible to find the exact gloves. Thanks!
  8. Douglascraig

    Expanse Amos Devil/Oni Mask Pin

    I wanted to make a replica of the pin that Amos wear in the Expanse series. I couldn't find any for sale online. I'd seen one or two other replicas done but they looked a little flat and I fancied something more 3D. It was a good excuse to practice on Sculptris which I hadn't really done much...
  9. RollerMines

    The Expanse Plant Transporter - Replica

    Starting work on this plant transporter from The Expanse: Season 2. Was wondering if anybody had any ideas of where to start on the body. It looks to be a replicated thermos. It would be about $100 for aluminum tubing to recreate it myself.
  10. Richard210363

    A Belter Vac Suit

    This is my take on a Belter Vac suit. Once I found out I could buy the original Chinese TK-1 helmet as used in the production on e-bay, I started making and I didn't look back. It's not cannon but I have a back story to help with that :) In my imagination the suit is pretty old. Originally my...
  11. Mike J.

    The Expanse: an Amos-Style Jumpsuit

    Maybe a little too Amos-style, so I ended up looking a bit like a bootleg Amos, but it was a good experience overall. If I add a few more patches, I'll be a little more distinctive. Who knows what changes the future may bring?! A few years ago, I had a Beratnas Gas 'work shirt' made, with the...
  12. QuinnPrime

    The Expanse Mugs, Glasses, and Bottles Project

    It took me quite a long time to finally join the Replica Prop Forum. I’ve been totally blown away by the work people are doing, and by the help and advice I’ve received in the very short time that I’ve been here. I’m especially interested in replicating items from The Expanse, which is currently...