the expanse

  1. RollerMines

    The Expanse Plant Transporter - Replica

    Starting work on this plant transporter from The Expanse: Season 2. Was wondering if anybody had any ideas of where to start on the body. It looks to be a replicated thermos. It would be about $100 for aluminum tubing to recreate it myself.
  2. Richard210363

    A Belter Vac Suit

    This is my take on a Belter Vac suit. Once I found out I could buy the original Chinese TK-1 helmet as used in the production on e-bay, I started making and I didn't look back. It's not cannon but I have a back story to help with that :) In my imagination the suit is pretty old. Originally my...
  3. Mike J.

    The Expanse: an Amos-Style Jumpsuit

    Maybe a little too Amos-style, so I ended up looking a bit like a bootleg Amos, but it was a good experience overall. If I add a few more patches, I'll be a little more distinctive. Who knows what changes the future may bring?! A few years ago, I had a Beratnas Gas 'work shirt' made, with the...
  4. QuinnPrime

    The Expanse Mugs, Glasses, and Bottles Project

    It took me quite a long time to finally join the Replica Prop Forum. I’ve been totally blown away by the work people are doing, and by the help and advice I’ve received in the very short time that I’ve been here. I’m especially interested in replicating items from The Expanse, which is currently...