the collector

  1. B

    Help with this flag, Dance with Wolves

    Can someone help me with this flag??? I need to do in a 1:10 escale because I´m trying to make a custom action figure of Lieutenant John Dunbar. A friend had made me a incredible paint work on a horse and it looks great!!! is Cisco!!! :love:love I don´t know, maybe in the States if somebody can...
  2. discjunkie

    The Collector | Screen Used Bear Trap

    Hello everyone. I'm quite new to prop collecting and I'm not sure how many props I will get. So far I only got one that's actually screen used and it's a bear-trap used in the film The Collector. I got this on ebay from Premiere Props and as far as I can tell it's legit...
  3. D

    "The Collector" the man hero movie prop mask

    and me again..LOL !!! bought the 2 hero screenused collector villian masks as well !!! creepy as hell and very iconic to me !!! check them out !!! enjoy.. dirk