the clone wars

  1. Jake Kassnoff

    Clone Trooper Helmet

    Using white eva foam floor tiles:
  2. Qui gons gin

    Building a Phase 1 clone trooper helmet, (customized 2008 Hasbro helmet) - lockdown project.

    Intro With the lockdown still happening I thought It would be a good time to share what the project I’ve been working on. Around last June, I’d seen someone online convert their old hasbro clone helmet, into the real thing! And I was inspired to make my own. After some experimentation, I was...
  3. christusthenick

    Ahsoka Tano Lightsabers

    I will soon be making Ahsoka's lightsaber's from the final season of The Clone Wars. I'll post more when I figure out the details, all I need is some second opinions on the length of her side arm. I figured that her main blade is 3 feet like any other lightsaber blade, while assuming the other...
  4. The Sweatshop

    The Mandalorian : Westar-35 Reference thread

    I was inspired by the darksaber reference thread, and how the prop department had reinvented the saber for live action. So here we go! what I could find so far as the wiki’s state that the mandalorians in “chapter 3 : the sin” use them to assist Mando escape. Now I couldn’t find a screenshot...