the book of eli

  1. DaBuild

    The Book Of ELi: The MACHETE build video (metal)

    Hello people, Here's my latest build video. The Book Of Eli Machete! (I tried something new this time. I added some voice over. It's my first time so please indulge me :) ) Cheers! Dan
  2. Ghostsoldier

    The Book of Eli machete pattern - FREE

    ATTENTION: UPDATED to move V.2 patterns to the top.... Here ya go, folks....just giving back to the community any way I can! :thumbsup Here's a free sheet of fan-made patterns I whipped up for the machete that Denzel uses in the movie The Book of Eli, based on some photo scans that were...
  3. tain669

    Machete From The Book Of Eli

    Can someone give me some info on this ? Thanks