the black hole

  1. CaptainMarvel

    THE BLACK HOLE - Sentry Blasters (3D Print ???)

    Has anyone seen any 3D Print models of the double-barreled Sentry Blasters from Disney's "The Black Hole" ('79) ??
  2. RevChumley

    Completed life size Maximilian from The Black Hole

    Disney's The Black Hole is one of my favorite childhood movies, I had always wanted to build Maximilian, but just never got around to it. Last year I finally just said screw it, I'm building him. I did him out of foam, with a remote controlled head and death blade.
  3. confusion

    Disney Archives: Tron, Rocketeer, Black Hole and More!

    I was cleaning up my hard drive and thought some of you might enjoy seeing some random shots I took at the Disney Archives. Click on the link for more pics. Disney Archives - a set on Flickr The Cirrus X-3! by Thom-293, on Flickr The Rocketeer costume by Thom-293, on Flickr Rocketeer...
  4. Red Eye

    "The Black Hole" Robot Party

    I've recently stumbled upon these great and rare photos of some Disney employees wearing the original Sentry Robot and Humanoid costumes during the premiere party at the Century Plaza Hotel in 1979... enjoy!
  5. D

    Looking for Peter Ellenshaw's USS CYGNUS

    I have been searching for the Peter Ellenshaw's oil painting of the USS CYGNUS, it was featured on the cover of American Cinema magazine and this photo down below, the painting in question is behind his left shoulder. I know this painting was also in the TBH movie in the captain's dining room...
  6. zorg

    The black hole - maximillian head

    Hi chaps, many moons ago i started work on a max head. i got this far and was not happy with the angle the head sides were at: i have viewed the film on various tvs and pc monitors and for the life of me cant get the angle correct due to the film image being stretched or whatever. i guessed...