the batman

  1. joshthememelord

    Is there a place where I could find a wearable replica of one of the contacts used in The Batman?

    Or a place that lets you upload a design and puts it on contacts?
  2. Sni9er

    Limited Run JJ Industries: "The Batman" Metal Gauntlet Darts

    Hey guys! We had an enquiry from a few folks in the Batman community to produce some Gauntlet darts for the costume as seen in the 2022 version of Batman, these will be machined in Solid Aluminium as per the original and have a removable tip section (as the original also appears to be...
  3. BruceGrayson21

    The Batman 2022 Cowl Adjustment

    So I just got a The Batman 2022 Cowl from gc5fx and it looks great. The only thing is, its not snug to my face on the sides at all (exposing my earlobes which looks goofy) and the chin piece is about 1-1.5 inches too low. What I'm wondering is, does anyone know how I can modify the cowl to have...
  4. M

    The Batman (2022) Casebook used

    Hey all! Looking for the casebook that Bruce used in this movie. I don’t want to divulge too much about it, but the cover said “The Batman Project Year 2”. Apologies if there is a thread for it already; I need some of those casebooks in my life!
  5. Cameron1138

    The Batman 2022 Bruce Wayne civilian outfits

    Pardon if there's already a thread for this, I searched and didn't see one. I'm feeling tempted to cosplay one of Bruce's civilian outfits, either the Drifter outfit or more likely the suit he wore to the funeral. Has anyone made any progress on identifying any of the pieces he wears with either...
  6. SimonVestford

    The Batmans The riddler costume

    I was watching the new batman movie yesterday and found these items for the costume afterwards: Not 100% accurate, but close enough for what I could find in 24 hours :) MASK ( custom made by this guy and only one for sale )...
  7. paulhaga

    The Batman - The Riddler Costume Build Thread

    I have been putting my Edward Nashton (Paul Dano) Riddler costume together ever since the 2nd trailer dropped and we got some promotional stills of the costume. I'm excited and cautiously optimistic that Dano is going to give us an amazing gritty "Zodiac" type Riddler character. I still have...
  8. BarbWire

    Paul Dano's Riddler Jacket Identification

    Recently the cast photo of Paul Dano in Riddler costume has released and I'm trying to identify what kind of jacket he's wearing it appears to be a fleece lined army Fatigue but I'm having no luck finding a match any assistance is appreciated.
  9. N

    The Batman 2022 Battinson Cosplay

    Hello Everyone, I have been working on this suit for the better part of 2 months now and I finally am getting around to posting all the work in progress pics from my build. I know seeing other creators' posts helped me put mine together, so hopefully someone can get some use out my build as...
  10. Peter Parke 67

    first time making a batman armor

    Hi, So I decided to build a batman armor for myself but unfortunate I haven't done anything similar before. I heard that foam is what am supposed to make it from but what type of foam exactly? Is there any cheaper material you would recommand? As for the suit I'll be building I was sinking maybe...
  11. I

    Screen used dark knight trilogy items

    I would like to find any props from the whole Dark knight nolanverse trilogy for sale. If any of you have Batman Nolanverse trilogy props and wanna sell, I'll be highly interested to see what you got
  12. Cosplay Kyle

    The Batman (2022) cosplay