1. guitarakizta

    Thanos avengers 1 with sound effects

    Thanos made out of eva foam with sound effects done! Video link:
  2. maflinchbaugh

    SPOILERS - Thanos's Blade from End Game 3d Printable Model ( In Development)

    Hey all, I'm new over here to the RPF, however wanted to share this with you guys, I modeled up Thanos's blade prior to seeing End Game, now that I've seen End Game once I've made some tweaks to it, and am going to begin 3d printing it, as I feel it is currently close enough to do a full size...
  3. F


    just seen this tony stark's infinity gauntlet on Instagram, expecting loads of new props and 3D models about it :'D can't wait to print my own gauntlet.
  4. a438980

    Infinity Gauntlet on Clearance

    Just a heads up to my fellow collectors, Walmart is clearancing the Hasbro Marvel Legends Infinity Gauntlet for $45.00 right now! I live in a relatively large city (Fort Worth, Texas) and after a few calls found a Walmart less than 30 minutes from me that had one in stock. Definitely not trying...
  5. JL Mussi

    Life Size 3D Printed Marvel Apocalypse Bust: Update 2

    Hello fellow Prop Makers, Here's an update on my 3d Printed Apocalypse Bust printed on my Raise 3D N2+. I used Z-brush for the modeling and creation of the 3d Print files. Did quiet a bit of finishing work to the bust and I'm really happy how it turned out. Next step is to finish printing the...