1. TerranCmdr

    Pretty Accurate Toddler-Size TFA X-Wing Pilot

    Well it's that time of year again (Halloween) and since I'm not making a big costume for myself, I decided I wanted to make something cool for my son. It started out, as all of these do, to make a 'simplified' version, but I get carried away. Plus, I already have all the plans to make the pieces...
  2. s2jesse

    S2Jesse / Puzzlebox Sidon Ithano

    Hey guys just started a new 3d printable helmet model for the patreon. Its Sidon Ithano! His helmet has some of the coolest shapes. It will also be free along with the just finished Enfys Nest on my patreon. S2Jesse is creating Tutorials for Replica Props, CNC, Arduino, 3d Printing and more. |...