1. 101

    Life-size Terminator Endoskeleton Sintra/MDF

    Newbie here and just wanted to show my partial scratch built Terminator Endoskeleton. I'm new to prop making and chose bit of a beast for 1st my project. This took me approx 2 years to complete on and off with work and family commitments. There are still a few minor things left to do, such as...
  2. T

    T2 Help Needed

    Hi all, new here to the RPF, been building models for over 40 years, just started sculpting, this is my first almost finished sculpt, I hope to mold it and give my son a painted version for Christmas, So I need help, I'm in the UK anyone out there can suggest a good way to make a mold and the...
  3. S

    Lifesize Terminator 1 Arnold build

    Hi guys, new to the forum here! Awesome stuff goin on here. Anyway, I've recently started working on a lifesize Arnold from T1, somethin I've been wanting to do for years. I've had a Howard S. bust for years but never tried to paint it. I bought a T1 Arnold bust from Godaiking, not sure if he...
  4. joeranger

    Terminator Displays

    I did a separate post on my budget endo skull, but I made a display making reference to one of my favorite scenes, Kyle's flashback. Most of the threads are on the prop itself, let's see how you show them off:) ‪Terminator endo skull fireplace with fire‬‏ - YouTube
  5. M

    Terminator T-800 endo Kit?

    Hey fellas, I have a question for you. I tryed the search but couldnt find my answer. Anyway here it is "where can a person get a lifesize t800 endoskeleton kit? I remember seeing them on ebay but none of a few months now. I ask because I have an idea for a custom t800 and dont want to pay 6,000...