1. one138

    Endo skull polished steel look

    Realistic endo skull look
  2. postmanpat

    Terminator Future War - Aerial and Tank Hunter Killer Diorama

    Hi all, I have just finished work on a future war themed diorama from Terminator. The scale of the diorama is 1/35 and utilizes the Pegasus Aerial and Tank kits. Both HKs are painted in Allclad chrome. I found both to be fantastic kits and would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of...
  3. D

    More of a practical FX question for filmming

    Hello Community: I recently saw the making of Terminator. In the segment, they mentioned that there are two interacting chemicals that's applied to an actor's clothing to make it smoke from it's surfaces. I've seen the effect in Constantine when the actor returns from Hell (which was prolly...
  4. postmanpat

    Done Sideshow 25th Anniversary Terminator jacket (XXL preferred)

    I am after a Sideshow 25th Anniversary Terminator 1 jacket. As per the title my preference would be a XXL size. Thanks heaps for looking.
  5. C

    The Best Terminator Costume

    Title says it all. What is your favorite Terminator Costume? Mine is the Tech-Noir costume, I find it more threatening than the leather jacket.
  6. P

    I joined the RPF just to try and sell a recast of another member's item

    ...and got banned... yep, I joined the RPF and ignored a bunch of rules by making the following first post.*
  7. N

    Terminator endo arm - Help please

    Hi all, I am planning to start my first project!!!! and i think a terminator endo arm would look great on my desk. I plan to follow this guide Building a garagekit 1:1 Endoskeleton Arm but i need to find a licensed kit first. I have searched far and wide (well goggled a fair bit) but have come...
  8. B

    Want to Buy Wtb jac armalite ar-18 airsoft rifle, i will pay top dollar!!!!!

    Any help greatly appreciated! :)
  9. The Terminator

    The TERMINATOR M1 skull build

    This is something I have been working on for a while. Bought this ORIGINAL M1 kit over a year ago. Only recently bought a dremel so I might actually get some work done. Working only with an X-acto knife required a bit too much blood for my taste ;) This is what I started out with: and this is...
  10. 1

    Want to Buy HCG Terminator 2 T800 BRAIN CHIP

    Im very, very,interested in purchasing one of these pieces. If you are willing to sell me one please PM me and I'll by it in a heartbeat.
  11. Cerberus442

    Terminator 2 T-800 CPU Brain Chip.

    This is my version of the terminator cpu (out of the factory). I used a copper plate as base and plexiglass for processors, the switchboard was designed with three layers of copper plate, painted with airbrush. I'm new in the field of props, I currently work on version dammaged. I would...
  12. B

    First generation terminator gargoyles sunglasses ansi classics need help finding one.

    Im trying to find first generation gargoyles sun glasses ansi classics black on black for my terminator 1 costume, any help greatly appreciated!
  13. postmanpat

    Terminator 2 Stage 5 Damage Life Size

    Hi all, I've been a long term member here but I have never got around to posting any of my work. I'll slowly start sharing them here when I get some more time. I have just recently finished making a life size T2 Stage 5 T-800. It was all built from scratch including the M79. Thanks heaps...
  14. B

    Terminator 1 t-800 costume build

    Im building a terminator 1 t-800 costume using a silicone mask from realfleshmasks.com I RUN A FACEBOOK GROUP ON FACEBOOK WITH VIDEO AND MORE PICTURES OF THIS COSTUME. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1435985499952900/ My costume so far: terminator boots terminator gloves more pics soon!!
  15. R

    Partial Scratch Built Endoskull

    Here is a partial scratch build of an Endoskull that I made back in 2012. It was the first of a few Terminator projects that I have lined up. I hope you like it.How to build a Terminator Endoskull bust - YouTube
  16. B

    I want to build a terminator 1 t-800 custume ( need help where to find stuff)

    I want to make a terminator 1 t800 costume. Leather jacket version. I need help where to find the costume parts. Weapons, clothes, etc.
  17. CalebsLair

    Help finding Terminator switchblade

    Hey all, I'm looking for any info on how I can find a switchblade that looks exactly like this. It's your classic stiletto switchblade, but it doesn't have the silver at the base of the handle like most do. It also looks a little shorter than the typical 9" knife that I'm finding on knife...
  18. terminator68

    Terminator longslide with laser sight

    just finished a AMT longslide with laser sight ,it's based on a airsoft AMT longslide
  19. ShaneHelms

    "I need your clothes, Your boots and Your motorcycle" - "Terminator 2" T-800 Costume

    Jacket Bandoleer Sunglasses Bandoleer complete with grenades and Jacket
  20. ShaneHelms

    "Come with me if you want to live" - Reese Costume

    I've been working on this costume concurrently with my T-800 costume. Decided to make my own costume thread instead of continuing to post my progress in another member's thread. Like my Terminator costume this one is nearly 100% complete. I'm still working on tracking down an airsoft replica of...
  21. ShaneHelms

    T-800 Costume (Police Station Assault)

    I've been working a while on this costume and I'm 99% complete, just waiting on my pants to arrive. Figured I would show off my costume items in the mean time until I have the costume 100% and take some proper photo's wearing it. I've posted most of this material in the props forum but now that...
  22. ShaneHelms

    Terminator 1 Weaponary

    Anyone know where I can track down an Airsoft AR and a Spas Shotgun? Also, anyone have any reference to what gloves Arnold wears when he makes his assault on the police station?
  23. dasAdam

    Terminator Endoskull (New design)

    hi guys! I sure dont have the money to buy myself a cool terminator skull... so i thought about building one from scratch :D ...and since a 1:1 replica of the original design would be a challenge of accuracy i wanted to go a slightly different route and come up with a slightly different design...
  24. chanfan

    Scratch built Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton

    Hey guys! I'm not really new on this forum but I've never posted anything before so I thought I'd give it a go and show you what I'm working on! Apparently I was posting in the hacked site previously, so here I go again! I'm currently building the Terminator Endoskeleton from scratch...
  25. daydalus1

    My movie / collection room

    Hello everyone i'm new to the forum but wanted to show my small theater room. Please excuse the poor video quality and my shaky hands. I also apologize for all the glare on the display cases. Thanks for looking. VID00020 - YouTube