1. MattgomeryBurns

    Etsy seller 'SentinelShop' warning

    Buyer beware: Etsy seller SentinelShop I had favorited an 89 Batman grapple gun from him a few months ago. I was surprised to wake up to a message from him this morning offering me a discount since I had favorited it. Because this wasn't a purchase I was planning to make for a few months, I...
  2. hardreplic

    Tterminator skull in market?

    Could indicate me who sells the best terminator skull in market?
  3. F

    Want to Buy Looking for T-800 Terminator Skull Model Kit.

    Hello All, I'm new to the RPF and very happy to be here. I'm also really new to prop making. I wanted to build a T-800 Endoskeleton Skull for my dad. He's a huge Terminator fan. I would prefer to build one where the eyes light up. I appreciate any help you all can give! Thank you!
  4. terminator68

    life size terminators

    here are some of my terminator collection
  5. Dangerhawk

    Terminator Brain Chip/Neural Net Processor

    I built this out of some acrylic CD cases, some 1/4 inch square dowels, superglue and some spray paint. Fun project...and pretty cheap to build.
  6. mutronics

    1/6 Scale Terminator Guardian

    Just finished this one. Its 1:6 scale in Super Sculpey Firm. I wasn't digging the firm greystuff, but decided to try it on this small sculpt and i'm glad i did. It works much better than the normal Sculpey on this size sculpt. Thanks for looking Pete
  7. T

    Wearable T-600 endoskull with rubber mask...

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section. First post here. Has anyone made a wearable T-600 endoskull, with rubber mask?
  8. mutronics

    Unlimited Run Terminator Summer Glau Bust 1/3 scale

    Hi Guys, I have made a kit of my Summer Glau Terminator Bust. The build and paint thread is here: http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=144403 The un-built and un-painted kit costs £100.00 plus P&P. I am also offering the kit built and painted, the cost is £250.00 plus P&P – The painted...
  9. mutronics

    M1 Terminator Endo Skull

    Hi Guys Just finished painting my M1 Terminator Skull and thought id post some pics. The gloss black went down a little bit lumpy in places, i didn't have it thinned quite enough but i think it looks ok. Like hes been a bit in the wars Here's the pics Cheers Pete (Might have to replace...
  10. Mike J.

    Unlimited Run The Terminator (1984): J&G Oil Co. Shirt

    This is the logo on the tanker that Arnold chases our heroes in. https://www.teepublic.com/show/446638-j-and-g-oil-co Likely a reference to director & writer James Cameron and producer & writer Gale Anne Hurd. "Get out." -MJ
  11. J

    Want to Buy NPC Scope/Laser Mount (for Terminator Longslide Project)

    I'm hoping someone here has or knows of anybody selling one of these pieces! If you do, please email me at johnsonarms76@gmail.com Thank you!
  12. E

    Want to Buy Vintage M65 Field Jacket Grey for Terminator display Size Large or bigger

    Hey all, Trying to get a T1 life size going. Let me know if you have one or more of these that's sitting in a closet/ local army surplus store. I've yet too find a grey one out there. I'm looking for a big size of at least a Large. All I've found so far are the olive versions. I'd like to...
  13. LawTac

    New Take on T-800 T2 Arm, Looking for some help

    Hello all, I am new to the forum, found out about it due to the youtube “one day builds” videos. Anyway I am looking to do a replica of the T2 arm, but not the same old standard arm in the glass case at Cyberdyne (don’t get be wrong I think its an awesome piece to have) but I want to do a...
  14. S

    Terminator 1984 T800

    Hey everybody, Ive been searching for a month now on parts for this costume and I haven't had much luck. I'm hoping to get some direction from here. Ive searched this site and although I have found some good leads, I still haven't been able to find everything. If someone can point me in the...
  15. 213ardj

    Terminator genisys future gun

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out what kyle reese's gun in the future was made of, to me it was one of the only good parts in the movie. All feedback is appreciated. References:
  16. Kerr Avon

    "Terminator 2 3D" Mini Hunter Killer

    I've been working on this little thing for a while now, I specifically got an airbrush early this year and have been trying to work on the skills to paint with Alclad and I think it came out pretty well overall. For those not familiar with it, the Universal Studios ride for "Terminator 2 3D"...
  17. dmpsk8

    Overhauling an Oxmox 1:1 Terminator T-600 Statue - DONE!

    So, I have a (literally) massive update today. For about 6 weeks, I’ve been working away on a 1:1 T-600 statue. This beast was made by Oxmox, and stands about 7.5’ tall. From what I’ve heard, there are only a handful in the US. Legend is that Sideshow almost distributed it, but the deal fell...
  18. mutronics

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator 1:4 Scale Bust

    Hi Here's some work in prorgess pics of my Arnold Terminator bust It's 1:4 in Supersculpey Thanks for looking Pete
  19. 213ardj

    Arnold costume/props

    Does anyone know what the cheapest prop/costume Arnold Schwarcenegger used? Screen used or replica probably replica.
  20. sceno

    Want to Buy 1:1 t-800 Endoskeleton

    Hi Guys Iam looking for a raw cast of a terminator t-800 Endoskeleton I have searches high and low on the site and most of the links are either dead links or likes to pages that don't reply to my messages. Any help will be appreciated Thanks Sceno
  21. Chronicle

    Limited Run Terminator: Genisys™ 1:1 EndoSkull

    He always said he'd be back... But Terminator: Genisys™ is bringing a whole new kind of awesome to the collectible world. I mean, seriously, did you watch the spot?!? Chronicle Collectibles is the only licensee for Terminator: Genisys™ in this division, and we are about to add to your...
  22. Lifecast2020

    Want to Buy Terminator Planet Hollywood Casts

    I have two full figures in the works. Excellent head casts, but I'm in need of the exposed chest area and an endo knee. However, if someone has the whole PH set, I'd love that for my collection. Cheers
  23. BrickinPA

    Want to Buy Custom Built T-800 Costume - Head-to-toe Endo, nothing human

    I'm not kidding. I want to hire a person or team with the skills and tools (yeah, sure, graduates of the Stan Winston School would rock) to build for me a custom head-to-toe T-800 endo costume that I can wear. Not a foam costume, no part is 'human', no boots, no jackets, no flesh, and it will...
  24. postmanpat

    Terminator Future War NECA 1/4 scale custom Diorama

    Hi all, I have just finished work on another future war themed diorama from Terminator. My first diorama was a 1/35 scale and utilizes the Pegasus Aerial and Tank kits. It can be found here for those interested...
  25. Endo skull

    Endo skull

    Endo skull