terminator salvation

  1. Sio

    T-700 Terminator Build

    Hi to all Terminator fans. I wanted to share my latest project. I was missing a T-700 series skull to my collection so I created this one. It took about 2 months to build in my spare times. Hope you like it! (For those who want more details on the build, you can visit my project page here...
  2. Jake Kassnoff

    Terminator Skull from Halloween Decorations

  3. H

    Terminator Salvation Game - T-7T Tetrapod

    Terminator Salvation Game - T-7T Tetrapod
  4. shareahack

    Animatronic Terminator T-800 Endo Skull / Bust Scratch Build

    Hi all T-800 fans, I'm starting to seriously plan my Model 101 scratch skull build! The idea will be to 3D-print the skull and then fix up the print's imperfections with bondo/plaster/clay and spent a lot of time fixing the details by hand. I acquired this 3D model where the author claims it's...
  5. cavx

    Terminator 2 T-800 Endo Skull Build - WIP - Pic heavy

    I have wanted one of these probably as long as I have the wanted the NIKE MAG shoes from BTTF2. Search hard enough on-line, and you sometimes amaze your self with things that you find. Whilst a bust would be cool, I really don't the space in my cinema for something that big. And I am into 1:1...
  6. H

    Terminator Salvation: Aerial Hunter Killer statue

    Terminator Salvation - Aerial Hunter Killer statue Final product: Terminator Salvation is the worst Terminator movie up to date in my humble opinion. Its story and logic is very flawed. Characters are very unlikely to be liked by the audience. Short version: a piece of ****. Still the big...
  7. T600

    Wearable T-600 endoskull with rubber mask...

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section. First post here. Has anyone made a wearable T-600 endoskull, with rubber mask?
  8. dmpsk8

    Overhauling an Oxmox 1:1 Terminator T-600 Statue - DONE!

    Updated Video: So, I have a (literally) massive update today. For about 6 weeks, I’ve been working away on a 1:1 T-600 statue. This beast was made by Oxmox, and stands about 7.5’ tall. From what I’ve heard, there are only a handful in the US. Legend is that Sideshow almost distributed...
  9. R

    Partial Scratch Built Endoskull

    Here is a partial scratch build of an Endoskull that I made back in 2012. It was the first of a few Terminator projects that I have lined up. I hope you like it.How to build a Terminator Endoskull bust - YouTube
  10. 101

    Life-size Terminator Endoskeleton Sintra/MDF

    Newbie here and just wanted to show my partial scratch built Terminator Endoskeleton. I'm new to prop making and chose bit of a beast for 1st my project. This took me approx 2 years to complete on and off with work and family commitments. There are still a few minor things left to do, such as...