terminator 2 judgment day

  1. A

    Minigun Build Help

    Hey everyone, kinda new around here, and was hoping some of you who are more experienced would be willing to give me a few pointers. I am in the Early stages of building a T2 style minigun prop out of PVC, wood, and a cordless drill, and i have some rough plans, but I would love some pointers...
  2. T

    T2 Help Needed

    Hi all, new here to the RPF, been building models for over 40 years, just started sculpting, this is my first almost finished sculpt, I hope to mold it and give my son a painted version for Christmas, So I need help, I'm in the UK anyone out there can suggest a good way to make a mold and the...
  3. T

    New here, My T2 Sculpt and introduction

    Hi all, new here to the RPF, been building models for over 40 years, just started sculpting, this is my first finished sculpt, I hope to mold it and give my son a painted version for Christmas. And heres a phantom head I painted earlier in the year Please any comments good or bad are much...
  4. S

    Lifesize Terminator 1 Arnold build

    Hi guys, new to the forum here! Awesome stuff goin on here. Anyway, I've recently started working on a lifesize Arnold from T1, somethin I've been wanting to do for years. I've had a Howard S. bust for years but never tried to paint it. I bought a T1 Arnold bust from Godaiking, not sure if he...
  5. K

    Terminator Minigun

    A really big airsoft gun version of the big minigun from Terminator 2. It completely knocks down like it should. It has an airsoft M249SAW gearbox inside, and a motorized ammunition feeder. It is about twice the SIZE of the one in the movie, because I had the scale off from the beginning...
  6. T

    My latest purchase, T2 cpu housing

    Originally sold at Profiles in History. Found the owner and they were willing to sell. I don't have it in hand yet but I'm going crazy. I think heroin would be a cheaper addiction at this point. I've only seen two of these before. Both at the Profiles in History auction. A 1/1 scale (mine)...
  7. M

    Terminator 2 Arnold Wig - Anybody want to make me one? :D

    Hey all Trying my best to make a decent T2 outfit and not struggling with any of the costume (although I refuse to wear leather trousers) or the props, but ive found out im SHOCKING at trimming wigs - I put it down to only having shaved my head for the past 10yrs! Does anyone know where I...
  8. T

    My recent purchase, Terminator 2

    One of my favorite prop costume pieces from Terminator 2. Comes from a private collector, COA from a C list entertainer in Hollywood who worked in various model shops. The details are right so I feel it's legit. I don't know if I have the energy to match it to anything on screen though. The...
  9. TomSpinaDesigns

    Original Terminator Costume Displays

    Hey all, We've recently added a new page to the site to showcase our displays for original Terminator props and costumes. We're actually just wrapping up another (a T1000 costume) so be sure to check the page again soon. Terminator Films - Original Movie Prop and Costume Displays, Custom...
  10. J

    T-800 Endoskeleton differences

    Hi everyone, I'd like to know... are there any differences between the Sideshow fullsize Endoskeleton and the Stan Winston full size Endoskeleton used in the movies? Thanks! Jarod
  11. T

    T23D bike with T2 saddle bags, whats your opinion?

    So I've found a guy selling a T23D made Harley Davidson. It's in fact a 1995 Fatboy dressed and painted by the factory to resemble the 1991 Fatboy from T2. About 10 of the bikes were made for T23D. A few of the bikes ended up at Universal parks where guests can get on it and take a photo. This...
  12. Kroenen77

    My new Terminator eyes...;-)

    Last week I become the radioshack lenses from oneye here..thanks again,man for your help.And now I updated my HCG-endobust a little bit...hope you like it...:love. The most disappointing thing about all terminator lenses out there is,that they are red...red all the time.But when the terminator...
  13. P

    Mr Freeze

    Hello, can anybody post any reference pictures of the Mr Freeze screenused helmet from Batman and Robin? Especially the inside light mechanism. Thanks, Jeff
  14. D

    T2 Winston guard animatronic bust screenused

    Hey there, here my new prop !!! a true classic piece still full working FX and comes with email correspondence with former owner and the twins & signed autograph display card + more goodies... thanks D.
  15. T

    My first prop, Terminator 2 grenade sling

    When do I switch the tassel over? :lol It's the one on Ebay right now. Just paid, he's pulling the auction when he get's lunch break. Profiles in History Auction #17 Item # 340 • Screen Used Terminator 2 Bandolier • COA Issued directly at auction by PROFILES IN HISTORY • 139 page...
  16. T

    Three of my most prized prop possessions. (Pic heavy!)

    Hello, all! It's been friggin' YEARS since I've made a post here, so I figured I'd begin by showing off three of my "holy grail" items I've managed to acquire in the meantime. First up is this supposed production-made (but unused) Robert Patrick "T-1000" foam-filled lifecast for Terminator 2...
  17. P

    Hunter Killer Tank from T2, Interest!

    Well we have gotten this project off the ground finally. We will be offering these as a kit only. This is just an interest thread right now, to gauge if there is any interest. This piece is about two feet long and a gallon and a half of resin. It's big, really big! If you are...