terminator 2 judgment day

  1. LawTac

    New Take on T-800 T2 Arm, Looking for some help

    Hello all, I am new to the forum, found out about it due to the youtube “one day builds” videos. Anyway I am looking to do a replica of the T2 arm, but not the same old standard arm in the glass case at Cyberdyne (don’t get be wrong I think its an awesome piece to have) but I want to do a...
  2. mutronics

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator 1:4 Scale Bust

    Hi Here's some work in prorgess pics of my Arnold Terminator bust It's 1:4 in Supersculpey Thanks for looking Pete
  3. 213ardj

    Arnold costume/props

    Does anyone know what the cheapest prop/costume Arnold Schwarcenegger used? Screen used or replica probably replica.
  4. sceno

    Want to Buy 1:1 t-800 Endoskeleton

    Hi Guys Iam looking for a raw cast of a terminator t-800 Endoskeleton I have searches high and low on the site and most of the links are either dead links or likes to pages that don't reply to my messages. Any help will be appreciated Thanks Sceno
  5. K

    Terminator 2 Harley Fat Boy 1/6th scale

    I'm planning a 1/6th scale build of the Harley Fatboy featured in T2. One thing I notice about other models out there is no one has got the tread on the front tire right. Does anyone know what the make/model of the front tire is? None of the 1/6th scale kits (Tamiya) have the correct tread. I...
  6. Lifecast2020

    Want to Buy Terminator Planet Hollywood Casts

    I have two full figures in the works. Excellent head casts, but I'm in need of the exposed chest area and an endo knee. However, if someone has the whole PH set, I'd love that for my collection. Cheers
  7. Buch

    Want to Buy CLOSED

    CLOSED As the title says, looking to buy a screen accurate Terminator 2 CPU brain chip. Resin or metal kit or 3D-print preferably.... Offers and links to places to buy are welcome on PM.
  8. postmanpat

    Terminator Future War NECA 1/4 scale custom Diorama

    Hi all, I have just finished work on another future war themed diorama from Terminator. My first diorama was a 1/35 scale and utilizes the Pegasus Aerial and Tank kits. It can be found here for those interested...
  9. kruleworld

    Terminator 2: Chevy Pickup

    This is the not-very-fast getaway vehicle from T2. The model was built mostly stock. i cut out the missing fuel cover and added the visor to the hood and decals are by Pattos Place. The box was made from styrene. It was weathered with acrylics from Life Color.
  10. postmanpat

    Terminator Future War - Aerial and Tank Hunter Killer Diorama

    Hi all, I have just finished work on a future war themed diorama from Terminator. The scale of the diorama is 1/35 and utilizes the Pegasus Aerial and Tank kits. Both HKs are painted in Allclad chrome. I found both to be fantastic kits and would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of...
  11. K

    Mini Guns, Large and small.

    I haven't posted in a long time, but I've been VERY busy with the Mr Minigun minis (over 300 of them!) I've created. Here's a few recent builds: http://youtu.be/eqTBa-RUAJM
  12. P

    I joined the RPF just to try and sell a recast of another member's item

    ...and got banned... yep, I joined the RPF and ignored a bunch of rules by making the following first post.*
  13. N

    Terminator endo arm - Help please

    Hi all, I am planning to start my first project!!!! and i think a terminator endo arm would look great on my desk. I plan to follow this guide Building a garagekit 1:1 Endoskeleton Arm but i need to find a licensed kit first. I have searched far and wide (well goggled a fair bit) but have come...
  14. B

    Want to Buy Wtb jac armalite ar-18 airsoft rifle, i will pay top dollar!!!!!

    Any help greatly appreciated! :)
  15. The Terminator

    The TERMINATOR M1 skull build

    This is something I have been working on for a while. Bought this ORIGINAL M1 kit over a year ago. Only recently bought a dremel so I might actually get some work done. Working only with an X-acto knife required a bit too much blood for my taste ;) This is what I started out with: and this is...
  16. Cerberus442

    Terminator 2 T-800 CPU Brain Chip.

    This is my version of the terminator cpu (out of the factory). I used a copper plate as base and plexiglass for processors, the switchboard was designed with three layers of copper plate, painted with airbrush. I'm new in the field of props, I currently work on version dammaged. I would...
  17. B

    Terminator 1 t-800 costume build

    Im building a terminator 1 t-800 costume using a silicone mask from realfleshmasks.com I RUN A FACEBOOK GROUP ON FACEBOOK WITH VIDEO AND MORE PICTURES OF THIS COSTUME. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1435985499952900/ My costume so far: terminator boots terminator gloves more pics soon!!
  18. R

    Partial Scratch Built Endoskull

    Here is a partial scratch build of an Endoskull that I made back in 2012. It was the first of a few Terminator projects that I have lined up. I hope you like it.How to build a Terminator Endoskull bust - YouTube
  19. B

    I want to build a terminator 1 t-800 custume ( need help where to find stuff)

    I want to make a terminator 1 t800 costume. Leather jacket version. I need help where to find the costume parts. Weapons, clothes, etc.
  20. R

    Sideshow Endoskull horrible teeth refurbished. Improved the look by at least 50%.

    So I was able to acquire another Sideshow Endoskull recently. One thing that has always bugged me is the lousy job sideshow did with the bottom teeth. They were way too long and looked horrible. So I decided to remove the jaw and fix the teeth. FYI if you're faint of heart don't even try to...
  21. S

    Terminator 2 T-1000 costume build

    Howdy folks, this being my first thread and first post in here, I'll keep this short and sweet. Terminator 2 has always been one of my favourite movies and I've especially loved the character of the T-1000. I've always wanted to recreate his costume as accurately as possible. I've been doing...
  22. ShaneHelms

    "I need your clothes, Your boots and Your motorcycle" - "Terminator 2" T-800 Costume

    Jacket Bandoleer Sunglasses Bandoleer complete with grenades and Jacket
  23. Crimson13

    Possible new project. Thumbs up! Terminator 2 Judgement Day.

    I think I may have found my next project. A Terminator 2 "Thumbs Up" statue! :thumbsup I found this at a local shop: I'm thinking of carving the endoskeleton parts right into the hand since it's solid resin. Then I'll add some liquid latex parts for the fleshy bits and then I think...
  24. canadapost

    Terminator 2 - Credit Card PIN Program/Computer (Atari Portfolio) **PIC HEAVY** DONE

    Ever since I saw Terminator 2 as a kid, I’ve always been fascinated by this prop so I’m now looking to create my own version - I’m not sure if there’s any interest in this prop, but I thought it might be interesting to share. :) This thread on the RPF has been a great resource and thanks to...
  25. mothman

    LOW BUDGET movie rooms can still look AWESOME !!!

    Hi everyone. here is my budget movie room. it started out as a car port. finished off a couple walls built a tiered floor and custom built an aquarium where the window was. the whole thing was just under $2000! all the work i did including about half the props and the front row of seating, and...