teenage mutant ninja turtles

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  1. T

    TMNT 1990 Casey Jones screen accurate mask

    Hey everybody. Been a member for awhile but I don't post much. I wanted to share this Casey Jones movie mask with you all. I actually made it for myself as part of a Halloween costume back in 2009 but just got around to taking some pictures now. I'm a huge fan of TMNT and Casey in particular...
  2. PartyPyrate

    (The Shredder: Complete) Money can not buy you the honor you have earned today.

    Current Status Photo: Best Villain STL Wizard World ComicCon 2015 Greetings All. If you recognize that quote then you know what I am building in this thread. I am working on a 1990 Shredder outfit. I am building the helmet based on BlackKaos's Helmet file. And right now it is raining and I...
  3. G

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Style Shell scratch build

    I have uploaded photos with descriptions on how to easily make a TMNT style shell out of cardboard.
  4. jordandau

    1990 TMNT foot clan costume build

    Hey guys, this is my first post on here I wanted to do a 1990s TMNT foot clan costume for a little bit now. It's one of those few projects that as soon as I see it, I have most of it fully formed in my head. I wasn't going for full 100% accuracy, kind of a hybrid of what I can get done on a...
  5. A

    Interest Film accurate Casey Jones hockey mask

    I'm looking into doing a second run on my Casey Jones masks. I spent years matching this up as closely to the movie mask as possible, going through literally thousands of screen caps and whatever behind the scenes and publicity shots I could find. I even found screen accurate real hockey mask...
  6. T

    Want to Buy WTB: Casey Jones Mask

    Looking for a Casey Jones Mask. I remember a few months ago some made a really screen accurate mask. For the life of me I cant find it. Looking to purchase one if some one got one from that run. PM with what you got. Pictures will be needed of course. -Dan
  7. J

    Shredder 84 communicator tmnt

    I havent been around much but figured i would share my latest creation since the movie comes out in august
  8. Propigy

    Technodrome Build 2014 TMNT

    Since I was a kid I loved the original TMNT animated series. The technodrome was my all time favorite toy. One thing was missing it was plastic and not metal. This year I am going to give my childhood a reboot. I am building this small scale model from pizza trays. (Tin) The eye lid opens and...
  9. 2

    Want to Buy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Hands Required!

    Hi I'm currently restoring a 1990's classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle parade suit. One of only ten made in the world. Unfortunatly along the way in the 24 years it has lost the hands. On this suit the hands join the suit at the wrist, with the seem hidden under a wrist strap. I'm looking for...
  10. nbehling

    Nickelodeon's TMNT's 2015 Halloween Costume Contest Entry

    Hey guys, I have to admit I have been struggling a little bit to come up with plan for my next project. I have always wanted a TMNT costume but felt I could never do it justice. With all the buzz about the new movie coming out (wether it's good or bad). I feel like now is the time to do one of...
  11. M

    PAIN 101 - CASEY JONES MASK - UPDATE 5-2-14 DONE!!!!(lotsa pics!)

    Hey, guys! Just finished this up. I've always loved Casey Jones, and that MASK! So I decided to put my own spin on everyone's favorite angry smart ass goalie. I pulled inspiration from some of the Casey Jones masks I've seen in the past, and added some elements from other masks I've always...
  12. War Poodle

    Just a way to say Hello! / TMNT Sculpt

    Howdy all. I've only just joined and want to see how to add a post. I've been using The RPF as a reference tool for the last year for tips on modelmaking and sculpture. Love it. Also here's a Pic of my 2" Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael sculpt i'm working on. RPG-Creations (War Poodle)...
  13. T

    Metalhead Project MK1

    Heres My Metalhead MK1 Project so far. (; Its been half a months work so far and I'm nearly done with the upper half of the body. I tried to get some of the new TMNT Metalhead in my design and some original concept in there. I've added the lights to the eyes and a speaker at the back. I painted...
  14. dvdjbldwn

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Original Movie Shredder Helmet

    I just wanted to share my Shredder helmet I just finished with everyone. Not too shabby for pepakura huh? Let me know what you think. Thanks
  15. Egon Spengler

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: (1990) Casey Jones.

    Working on a Casey Jones costume from the original film. I managed to track down this jacket online. I cut off one of the sleeves and started to test out a fraying process on the sleeve before moving on to the arm hole itself. I managed to get a good look on the sleeve by scratching and...
  16. E

    TMNT Krang

    I decided to start a Krang build. I started working on Krang himself first. I'm close to being done... just a few more brainy/tentacle parts and the arms are all thats left.Here's my progress so far.
  17. S

    TMNT 1980's - Metalhead

    Hello everyone! I am working on an 80's version of Metalhead from the original TMNT cartoon. A rather ambitious project, but I have come up with some great ideas from many of you that have created robots and similar armors from EVA foam. I want to stay true to the cartoon, but am also using...
  18. Drummerman5000

    Costume Ideas Help!

    So I'm trying to think up some ideas for a new project that I can wear to MCM comic con in october. I'd like to keep it simple really, Ideally I'd like not to spend too much money as well. I was initially thinking something along the lines of the Chris Pratt Star Lord or Casey Jones from TNMT...
  19. L

    4 hout Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles build

    I have been watching a lot of what has been built here and its amazing, i feel a little bit of a fraud putting this up, but it was super fun, super quick and got a lot of attention.. i built the weapons for Raphael but didn't take pictures :( the whole costume cost £12 so it was a fun and cheap...
  20. L

    MY 4 hour TMNT costume

    This feels like a total joke compared to a lot of the costumes i have seen here, but i have really making it and enjoyed looking around here, so when i had a chance to make this i thought i would share. The costume cost less than £12 thanks to Adam Savage for pointing me this site! (i had 4...
  21. legionofmyn

    Casey jones tmnt battle worn mask

    I made this for Halloween last year. Its made out of condensed foam plastic that i heated up to mold it. It has straps in the back and fits snugly and has foam pads for comfort, and spay painted with medium gloss white. .
  22. Neoproks

    Casey Jones Project: GOONGALA (Finished)

    Hey guys, so I'm attending a con soon with a few of my buddies and I was feeling both nostalgic and trying something I don't see too much of...and one of my longtime favorites fit the bill quite nicely, MotherF*ckin Casey Jones. So as always, with procrastination and the like, I've been...
  23. Welmanshire

    How would you do a 1990 TMNT Foot soldier costume?

    Hey, I am going to a costume party about a month from now and I have a replica of the masks the foot clan wore in the 1990 TMNT film. So, I figured why not do a foot soldier build? I have also got a pair of the two toed ninja shoes. I haven't really seen a screen used costume or even a replica...
  24. T

    TMNT Costume needed!

    Hi everyone! I have a last minute request....does anyone out there have a wearable authentic / replica TMNT movie costume? if you do and live in the vicinity of Los Angeles ( california, or surrounding states) please send me a message. It is for an event on November 30, 2011 in Los Angeles with...
  25. Unit116

    not your average TMNT

    Hey all, I managed to find this fantastic site earlier this year when I decided whole heartedly that I was going to create a TMNT costume. I did a google search for some tips on how to go about doing so and it pointed me to a few of the threads available here, which I will be addressing since I...

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