1. NuadaDesigns

    Another Nolanverse Grapple Gun

    Here's my fully printed grapple gun from the Nolan trilogy. Modelled and printed this a while back. Made sure to include the removable clip and working slide.
  2. funny0

    (Hellskitchen)Batman TDK full armor kit set

    Hello guys. this is an screen accurate TDK armor kit set. ordered it from hellskitchen on 2013, after the long wait I finally got it on 2015. brand new and never used. I'm planning on build anther batsuit so I have to let this go...I only selling this as a set. The set including : 1...
  3. Femme Joker - The Dark Knight

    Femme Joker - The Dark Knight

    A female variant of the Joker as portrayed in The Dark Knight. Build thread: