1. C

    The Terminator (1984) 1:1 Arnold Schwarzenegger Bust With Light Up Eye

    This is my first time painting a life size, human bust. I'm really happy (and frankly, surprised) with how it came out, so I figured I'd post it here. (Sorry for the picture quality, I took the pictures with my phone and turns out the new iPhone likes to auto sharpen everything) The base...
  2. Mrfusion115

    Terminator 2 T-800

    Been meaning to post for a while. I got hair sorted for my previous post about the T800 bust, and then it grew arms and legs- literally… Decided to challenge myself and do a full scale T800, of which I’ll post all the progress pics- including the bust- below! HOWEVER, I am still looking for the...
  3. Mrfusion115

    T2 T-800 Battle Damaged Bust

    Hi guys. I recently bought this T2 bust to try painting a ‘human’ face/skin for the first time. I’m pretty pleased how it’s turned out so far. I was hoping someone on here may be able to help me with how to do the hair for it? I’ve seen people use wig’s and I’ve seen people glue hair (which I’ve...
  4. XB2000

    "Gamin" project : a 800 series Terminator prototype

    Hello, I'm introducing here : >> New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! << I created a Youtube channel for the project : Gamin C01G Presentation : The Dream : I was really disappointed with Terminator Dark Fate. The future is getting closer and as a super fan of The Terminator and...
  5. Helix6187

    T800 Neural Net CPU

    Hi there ! A little bit of modelling done after watching T2 one more time. I used pics from the hero prop found on the web on an auction site. And then printed on my resin printer. I need to clean them a bit since I printed them flat in two parts (no supports needed, and quicker this...
  6. B

    Want to Buy Sidedhow Collectibles Terminator T800 Chrome Bust

    Looking for the original bust from Sideshow and Stan Winston Studios, the clean chrome version There's plenty of flee-bay but their pricing is nonsensical! Thank you!