sword of power

  1. Heroic Replicas

    Masters of the Universe He-man Sword of Power - Life-size Steel Replica

    Hello all! Dave from Heroic Replicas here. I finished up my He-man Sword of Power, based on the original toy made of two halves: The two halves fit perfectly together, held in place with steel dowel pins and magnets. The magnets are strong enough you can lift both halves holding onto only...
  2. saint357

    Sword of Protection : She-Ra And The Princesses of Power (complete)

    FOR THE HONOR OF GREY SKULL! So since quarantine is driving me out of my mind I thought I would show everyone my latest sanity project. After making Connie's new sword from Steven Universe I thought I would try making a similar sword from my other favorite cartoon, the new She-Ra and the...
  3. Heroic Replicas

    He-Man Sword of Power - Life-size steel toy replica - Two Halves

    Hello! I'm Dave from Heroic Replicas. I've started a commission for a steel and aluminum version of the Hero and Villain halves of the Sword of Power from He-man. This design is based on the original toy, and the two halves snap together. On the left are a pair of replica letter openers, and...