1. tubachris85x

    Other MGM/Hollywood studios props: 20,000 Leagues, TRON, Surrogates and Star Wars

    Took these pics today as well, figured someone would appreciate them Alongside the Rocketpack, a random Tron (original) helmet piece: Up next, some surrogates props. I never saw the movie, so I don't really know what these were used for...
  2. Prop Store

    RPF First Look: "Screen-Matched - For Authenticity, There is No Surrogate."

    Prop Store Presents an RPF first look- “SCREEN-MATCHED” For Authenticity, There is No Surrogate. In the world of original movie memorabilia collecting, being able to “screen-match” a particular piece would be akin to having a photo of Monet painting his “Water Lilies.” It’s airtight...