1. TanskiTannero

    Helmet Lighting, Help!

    I am currently making a helmet from the video game Destiny, and I am needing to put purple lights in the helmet but I don't knowhow to fit lights in there. Does anyone have any recommendations on how I can achieve this? I do not have access to solder but I can if I need to
  2. TanskiTannero

    Stencil Making, Help!

    I am currently making the Ace of Spades from Destiny 2 and I am at the part where I need to make the Spade designs on the Handle and the Reciever, and I hate to say it but I have never made a stencil in my life, can anyone help me?
  3. TanskiTannero

    Mandalorian Helmet. Please help!

    I need help figuring out how to paint Mando's helmet from the Mandalorian that I am 3D printing. I have access to an airbrush but I have never held or even used an airbrush. And I have gotten great success with just a can of spray paint. I don't have enough confidence in my abilities with just a...