1. TheBloodPriest

    Supernatural Prophecy (For Supernatural Riddle Fans!) Can you catch them all?

    tl;dr Feel free to interpret my Supernatural riddle! Can you catch all of the references hidden within? Criticism/suggestions welcome! For readers: Another one of my side-side-projects is a set of prophesies based on various fictional plot lines. They are meant to "haven been" compiled and...
  2. 13doctorwho

    13doctorwho's Westaby Supernatural EMF Kit

    With all the shelter in place going on I have some time to work on the stack of kits I've bought. My brother and I are planning (at this point HOPING) to go to a Supernatural Convention in July. I decided I want a prop to take with me for photos. I decided on the Westaby EMF Meter kit. The kit...
  3. WaywardJournal

    Supernatural toy soldier / army men

    Hi =) I´m looking for this little army man from Supernatural: Does anyone know how to find it? In Germany they are not a very usual toy and I was looking everywhere and couldn´t find it without any date or series name. There are so many different figurines but not exactly this one. Would be...
  4. LtPinkerton

    Question about legailty of certain costume props (not copyright)

    Stumbling around online looking to expand my collection, I came across some sellers who where selling X-Files (and other FBI shows) IDs and metal badges. I looked at the badges and they indeed say Federal Bureau of Investigation. Is it legal to own these? I love X-Files, and having props that...
  5. WazzaSmithy

    Dean Winchester's Colt M1911

    I'll be attending Oz Comic Con at the end of the month as Dean Winchester from Supernatural and have started working on his Colt M1911 from the show. To start with I ordered a toy version from eBay with a removal magazine and functional slide. My only issue is the hammer is fixed on but I...
  6. barbquebutt

    Supernatural First Blade WIP

    Since making gifts seems to be the only thing that motivates me to build lately, I'm working on a sculpt of the First Blade from Supernatural as a gift for my dad's birthday/Father's Day. I bought him a book that I later found out wasn't going to ship until October, so I was just going to give...
  7. AlchemyDesign

    Help with Color ID

    Hey guys, I'm putting together a '59 Cadillac Eldorado Hardtop to represent Death's (from Supernatural) "horse". The problem I'm having is identifying the color to find a match. It's like an off-white pearl color: If anyone can give me a specific or equivalent color/brand, I would be a very...
  8. WazzaSmithy

    Supernatural Journal.

    I bought this journal from Etsy and to me, it's fantastic, it came with additional ID's and sample articles you might see on the show and it's got different monster "profiles" through-out. I was wondering how it compares to RPF-member versions and if anyone else has bought this before...
  9. WazzaSmithy

    Restoring Supernatural photos?

    I've tried looking for some Supernatural paper props and apart from fake IDs I haven't seen anything. Specifically I'd like to see if anyone can restore the photos of Mary and Dean below...
  10. hydin

    Interest Supernatural Demon Killing Dagger / Ruby's Dagger - updated design

    I've been tinkering with this for a bit with a friend, and since I have a 3d printer now, I've reworked the design for the guard to be a lot closer to the show's version. It's not a massive upgrade or anything, but it's something that's been pestering me since I started making these and we have...
  11. BiggiesBuilds

    Supernatural: John Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester journal binder

    Admins please delete this thread
  12. S

    Supernatural Cosplay Costume Help: Crowley Coat

    hi guys, I have searched high and low and I couldn't find a suitable coat for my cosplay as crowley in november. I really need the coat so if you have any suggestions let me know!!!!
  13. P

    Supernatural Dean Winchester's Ring1

    Hi, I'm looking for something very simple. I'm looking for the ring that Dean Winchester wore in seasons 1-5 in Supernatural. The only problem is that I'm not looking for a replica, I'm looking for the original designer ring that Jensen Ackles received as a gift from a friend. However, people...
  14. Maryfoxfirebird

    Supernatural first blade and Kurdish demon killing knife

    I'm trying my hand at making the first blade and remaking Rubys knive. I'm debating on making the colt again. You can see my first attempts being modeled w Sam and Dean. All pieces were made out of sintra.
  15. KyleReese2015

    Castiel's Trench Coat from Season 9 onwards

    As of Season 9, Misha was given a new Trench Coat to use. And, it's hard to find a screen accurate match. Like the previous JC Penney coat, this seems hard. And also near impossible to locate. And so, I come to the good people of the RPF for some help
  16. InsaneLuck

    Supernatural, the First Blade

    This is my first attempt so unfortunately I didn't take a lot of in process pics. I first bent a wire clothes hanger in a rough shape then sculpted the blade around that with sculpey. When I had it how I liked I baked it. Next step was airbrushing it. I used yellow and brown back and forth...
  17. hydin

    Interest Supernatural Angel Blades! Who wants one? Might be getting a new run on.

    As the title says, might be getting a new run going so we might as well tackle the good stuff too :) Price is going to be dependent on interest, so obviously the more people we have involved the cheaper it is for all of us. Same as before. Solid aluminum, hand made, all one piece. We might end...
  18. hydin

    Interest Who's up for a demon killing dagger / Ruby dagger from Supernatural?

    Have had a few requests to get a new run rolling along, so here's the official interest thread :) FAQ and whatnot! Alpha rule - Here's a long video of me answering EVERY single question I can think of that I have been asked about this knife, the design, the handle, etc. Your answer will more...
  19. hydin

    Yay! I'm back! I've also finished those damned Devil's Trap bullets!

    No pun intended obviously :lol Been away for a while, had some laptop issues but I'm back to checking out the wonderful pool of talent that is our lovely RPF. Besides, after subsidizing Art's vacation with my premium account I'd be crazy to waste money and not use it :p So... since you are...
  20. S

    Help! Supernatural Impala repilca!

    I'm attempting to build a wooden version of the Impala from supernatural and could really use some help with the blueprints, It's going to be an adult sized go-kart type thing with the charateristics of the impala, I'm building props for a superwholock based webshow and could use all the help i...
  21. E

    Supernatural Angel Blade and Rubys Knife.

    Rubys Knife is forged from 1075 steel and is heat treated and sharpened with an antler handle. Angel Blade is mild steel.
  22. Maryfoxfirebird

    Kurdish demon killing knife aka Rubys knife from supernatural

    I made Rubys knife out of some spare sintra I had lying around and what to know what would the best way to finish it to look more like the knife on screen? It's a Christmas present for my bff who's a big fan of the show. Thanks in advance:)
  23. thatdecade

    Completed: ThatDecade's Supernatural EMF Reader

    This is a summary post of my finished EMF Reader from Supernatural. Contents - Pictures and Description - Part list - Step by step build instructions Description and Background: The EMF Reader in Supernatural is an excellent project for people like me that have some electrical knowledge...
  24. Peter Quill

    1967 Chevy Impala Interior (Supernatural)

    Hey guys! This is my first post, so I'm sorry if I do something wrong. But just a few weeks ago I bought a '67 Chevy Impala - And she needs a ton of work. Altogether it'll be around ten thousand to fully rebuild her and make her screen accurate. It'll be awesome to fix up, but what I'm...
  25. Nox

    Purgatory Blade (Supernatural)

    So, who wants to learn how to make a replica of the purgatory blade from Supernatural? I know I did. So I went online and found forums that gave me a rough idea on how to do it. But no forum actually showed a step by step process. So I decided to make one for you all. If you...