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  1. C

    Man of Steel suit - Need some ideas

    First Post! Yay! Anyway - I've stalked these forums for years... Love whats going on here. Normally I skulk around the BOTB forums but I've decided to branch out my costume builds a little and get some variety away from Batman... OK - So I am a very, very good fabricator. I work very well with...
  2. Martin-El

    My Ultimate Christopher Reeve Superman 1:1 Tribute...

    Some old-time members may remember some of my first posts in this forum were dedicated to making the most accurate Superman '78 movie costume to date. Well, things have come a long way since I gave a roll of teal lycra to my mother in law to do her best catering to my ridiculous standards...
  3. virg012

    Lex Luthor Battlesuit

    Making some last minute modifications for this years Dragon Con but most of it is ready to go. Here is my foam Luthor Battlesuit or Warsuit. The pictures and the flash have washed out some of the details but you can see the overall concept. I know there are a lot of items to fix - zentai suit...
  4. randommann

    Dean Cain Superman costume assistance

    Hey! Anybody seen any full pictures of Dean Cains Cape, I'm working out what is under his cape. Two straps that go under his arms that click at the back, then poppers under the suit that clicks to the cape?
  5. J

    Mos Cape?

    Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone knows a good type of fabric to use for superman's cape in Man of steel?
  6. M

    Superman emblem

    First time ever making this, this is just a test, made it by-eye, only had a Picture on my computer to go at, going to work on the mold a bit more, still need the pattern but dont know how to mold it, so if anyone has some pointers please point out :)
  7. killergata

    General Zod costume help?

    Well, I have just been informed that there is going to be a Salt Lake comic con in September, and I wanted to start working on a costume. I want to do a costume from man of steel, mainly general zod. I want to get some compression/skintight under armour and then use puff paint for texture. Then...
  8. Vivek

    Man of Steel (Post-release)

    This is the post-release thread for Man of Steel with spoiler discussion. There have been few early screenings of the movie tonight and with exceptions of few countries getting the release on June 13, Man of Steel is releasing in some countries including in US on June 14, while many other...
  9. The Ultimate Fan Costume

    The Ultimate Fan Costume

    Indy Magnoli's entry into the 2012 Halloween Costume Contest: a huge cross-over of 12 costumes from 8 different franchises. Build Thread:
  10. Vivek

    Justice League

    Warner Bros. approaching Ben Affleck for 'Justice League' directing job - Showblitz This is quite a great and bold choice by WB.
  11. S

    Superman Returns suit

    Superman Returns costume First of all, i want to say Hi. Im new, i have been busy making stuff and work. And second, sorry for my bad english. I made this suit 2 years ! I made Superman Returns costume, because when i saw Brandon Routh in it, then he looked great in tights. Also i like Superman...
  12. T

    action comics 1 superman costume

    has anyone thought about this new costume superman is wearing at the moment before he gets the more armoured looking costume it's the t shirt and cape with a pair of jeans that im reffering too im gonna give this a shot aswell as the 1941 costume im working on ill post updates on both as soon as...
  13. TK8541

    Justice League HQ!

    DC Universe Costumers: the Justice League HQ has launched! Much like the 501st Legion organized groups of Star Wars fans from all over the world into functioning sets of smaller squads, garrisons, and so on, the Justice League HQ is organizing DC Universe costumers into one hub of operation...
  14. W

    Thoughts, ideas, & suggestions for muscle suit build...for a newb

    I am a newb to this site and to costuming in general. My hope is to replicate the Man of Steel costume for my first project. One of the first and probably most important steps will be the muscle suit. With the wealth of knowledge on this site, I was hoping to get some expert advise and...
  15. WhoKnows8701

    Superman: Man of Steel Costume *Final Steel Concept Page 7*

    After seeing the recent photos of the Man of Steel costume, is anyone thinking about making this costume? I really wanna have this costume made for the premier or even before San Diego Comic-Con. I just wanna do a few tweaks. What you guys thinking of doing? This would be awesome to...
  16. WhoKnows8701

    Superman Concept Manip Requested

    So I am looking to get this suit made into reality. I will be having someb:lolody else create the suit by printing it on dyed-sublimation lycra. A fellow member of a different site designed the suit concept, but has since deleted his account and I can't get a hold of him. Anyways, I am looking...
  17. hotfuzz

    Superman Poster

    Been working on this all day I think I may have lost sight of what I was originally after!? Lol.
  18. Got Maul

    Reeve's Superman Blue Fabric Project

    Hello everyone, A side and passion of mine has always been Superman (Christopher Reeves, God Rest his soul) but the holiest of grails has always eluded... finding not only the right fabric but the right color of the correct spandex blue. A long time ago, Chris King and I used to talk...
  19. southcenter

    DC Comics Reboots All Titles

    Not sure how many comic books fans we have on here, but I found this news story pretty interesting: DC Comics Reboots Entire Universe Starting in September, all of their titles will be relaunched from #1. (It's unknown if Action Comics or Detective Comics will keep their current numbering) I...
  20. IronWarrior777

    SuperMan Man of Steel W.I.P. and Free Templates (go to last page for updates)

    ***Update*** I have changed the direction of this thread. I will no longer be give a video tutorial on Superman armor, but in Thor the Dark World Armor. The TDW armor thread will have videos, step by step, and templates. For this thread, (for now) I will be showing my progress on my...
  21. C

    Superman Reeve "Walking" cape

    It's been to long since I've been here. I got married in April for the 1st time to a great wife who shares in my costume making. Here below is my latest creation. it took my a while as the wedding was underway and have been doing other projects at the time. Please let me know if I got it all...
  22. IronWarrior777

    5 Minute Costume: Smallville The Blur

    This is the quickest costume I ever made. It actually only took around five minutes to put together. I just used some of my stuff around my house. It did though take around 10 minutes extra to make the S Shield air brushed on it. I decided to alter the costume a bit from the show and add...
  23. T

    Wellers UK auction "Superman" crystal, "Bond" props, "Evita", "Chocolat", more!

    Wellers UK two day sale of props, costumes and sporting items, art and collectibles LIVE BLOG | the propstop's world of entertainment memorabilia was an interesting sale!
  24. 1batt4u

    Superman III Evil Suit Prop Store of London

    HI all, I was looking through Prop Store of London. I noticed tht the Superman III Evil suit Sold!! I own a SIII Evil suit as well!!! The suit that sold was all complete, except for the cape. The cape was a replica, created to complete the look of the outfit. Anyone know how much the suit...

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