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  1. G

    Man of Steel Suit build on a budget

    Cape is red microsuede from JoAnn's. The foam used is a high density green foam also from JoAnn's. The black undersuit was ordered from Amazon and the fabric is called Yale Matte Glissenette/chiffon from Your Designs item 2m-100. Yes it is a 4 way stretch. The pictures show it as bright blue but...
  2. robertvalko

    Batman vs Superman Batarang

    Instead of creating something from the Spidey universe, I want to create something new, so here is my new project- BvS batarang:) Mb it's not movie accurate, but I don't care, because I'm amateur and I like, what I've created :lol I hope today Ill test it)
  3. M

    Want to Buy Cbs supergirl costume commission

    I'm looking to commission someone to make cbs supergirl suit.
  4. A

    Batman V Superman "F U Superman" Armor (cardboard) WIP

    I recently started working on the Batman armor from Dawn of Justice, I am working with only paper, cardboard, a few pencils, scissors/exacto blade, and hot glue (for now) so far I have the cardboard portion of the helmet complete, however I am putting the project to a halt because my main...
  5. E

    Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice - Kryptonite Spear Discussion

    I'm really shocked there hasn't been a post on this yet. A week after Star Wars, and there were a dozen posts about Rey's staff, but so far not one about the Batman's Kryptonite spear. Figured I would start a topic on it so we could share some screen shots or pics of the prop itself. I'm sure...
  6. silkscreener

    Batman V Superman DOJ Batflek Build (SilkScreener)

    So, I've been really busy behind the scenes, gonna have the grapple gun printed next week to start off my Batflek Batman Suit... Superman DOJ has really taken up all of my time and resources but I am close to finishing that and would finally like to give Batflek a shot!
  7. D

    Dawn of Justice Armored Batman Question

    Hello everyone! it has been a while since ive been on here, but i ran into a problem recently! I am building the armored batman from Dawn of Justice and am unsure the proper way to size it on Pepakura Designer for foam. I started the chest piece and finished, but it is extremely big, and I do...
  8. dannylopuz

    Interest Knightmare Batman Coat Batman v Superman

    Hey guys! I want to see if people would be interested on a Knightmare Batman coat that he uses in the desert, as seen in the trailers and named in the figure: I've been researching types of leather and all that good stuff and I finally have enough to see if people are interested on getting...
  9. Ladydetemps

    Supergirl costume

    So I watched the new series (1) on sky1 and really enjoyed it. I want to make the costume for a comicon next year but I'm finding it hard to locate screenshots. Plus no one on this forum seems to have made it before. The only tweak is I'm swapping the tights for leggings just for comfort...
  10. Mr Mold Maker

    *2.0 UPGRADE!! New progress on page 8!* Apocalypse/Knightmare Batman Build Thread

    EDIT: VERSION 2.0 STARTED. Skip to the end of the thread for the latest photos. Hey folks! I am currently putting together the Apocalypse Batman costume, mainly to use as a lifesize display. If I can wear it, even better, but not a huge priority... This will come into play later. I...
  11. K

    Want to Buy ISO of Super Girl Costume

    Looking for a high quality Super Girl suit as seen on the new TV Show. .....Anyone know of a good maker or have one for sale? Thanks for any info, it's greatly appreciated!
  12. IronArmy87

    Post Your Superman BVS: Dawn of Justice Costume builds here

    I've seen some amazing builds at the new Superman emblem from BVS: Dawn of Justice so far. Although i've seen so many for the batsuit, I know there is more out there for Superman's suit. Post yours here!
  13. TheSonarSuit

    DOJ Batman suit

    After putting together a spiderman costume earlier this year I thought I would have a go at doing something similar with the new batsuit, I'm going to make a digital pattern to print and and then to help give it the raised effect puff paint the black grip texture. Made a start with the texture...
  14. J

    Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice - Batman Cowl

    Early sculpting work on my Batfleck cowl.
  15. S

    Want to Buy Man of steel suit accent pieces

    I'm looking for someone who has made/ willing to make the man of steel suit accent pieces. Gauntlets, waist/back, neck, and leg pieces. Any help in finding these pieces would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  16. SonofThomp

    MoS or DOJ Superman Costume build (trim)

    Hi All, I'm new here, but avid fan. So I have a man of steel costume I'm upgrading, but the problem is that i cant for the life of me find any vendors who make the urethane trim pieces. Frightful acts USED to but their site is gone, the owner doesn't respond to Facebook, so Its a shot in the...
  17. Pannaus Props

    Interest Dawn Of Justice Superman Emblem

    Hey guys, as some of you may know, we made one of the most accurate emblem out there in recent years. I have been asked by many to make the new emblem. I am opening this thread to know if there would be enough interest in this. New emblem will be around 30 x 20 cm in size, rubber or resin...
  18. hydin

    Interest Superman crystals in natural stone : Quartz, Amethyst, Labradorite, Citrine, etc

    Imgur album to show off the minerals : The crystal factory I use for my superman stuff just let me know they have another factory that does natural stone stuff they can use, so now I have the option of getting my designs made in some pretty awesome materials. What I'm...
  19. admiral mick

    Superman (Reeve) 1/4 scaled statue project

    Hi ! I started this project in 2006 ... ok, I was a begginner at that time . So I worked hard to improve my artistic craft . I hope you like this (almost) definive version of C.Reeve as Superman (sculpted in wax) :
  20. T

    Batman v Superman mask

    Whassaup, Batman v Superman trailer came out a wile ago, and i really want to make the batman mechanical suit mask if you have any was of knowing of can show me how to make one i will be sooooooo grateful

    Limited Run BATMAN V SUPERMAN DOJ DISPLAY PLATES for Cowl, Utility Belt, Armored Cowl & Batarang

    With the anticipation of all of the GREAT Dawn of Justice pieces coming from some of the talented members of the RPF, I decided to make display plates for some of them. Each is made of durable, laser-engraved silver and black plastic and measures 4 inches by 2.284 inches. Cowl, stand and clear...
  22. D

    NEED HELP/ADVICE!!! (Bizarro Superman)

    I'm making a bizarro superman costume and have a pretty good idea as to how to make the suit. I want it all to be hand made. My question tho is on sewing the suit because I don't want it to just be spandex. I've read elsewhere about layering material. My question is what material would you...
  23. nemo13400

    SUPERMAN & BATMAN LOGOs: steampunked

    Hi, just wanted to share this recent making of mine... :)
  24. F

    BvS: Dawn of Justice Batwing - Small Scale 3D Design

    I decided to have a small crack at a modelling competition for a microdrone body on MyMiniFactory in some dead spots during the day. This isn't accurate or perfectly scaled or any of that, but a fledgling designers 3D sketch really. I've optimised it all for 3D printing so that it can be entered...
  25. J

    Armored Batman Suit - Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

    So after seeing the full HD photos released late last night, I drew some templates all freehand then cut them onto EVA foam today and went glue crazy. I ran out of glue for the top piece but I've done a raw Eva foam Armored Batfleck Cowl this is yet to have any filler work or anything else hence...

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