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  1. W

    Superman crystals

    Hello all, I'm looking to buy (or create, at a reasonable level of cost and difficulty) a replica of any of the Reeve movies crystals. Does anyone know where I can get one? Thanks!
  2. luke83luke

    Want to Buy WANTED: Superman man of steel Full suit

    Hello This is a serious advert. Does anyone have a superman man of steel suit for sale? Thanks Luke
  3. S

    Purchased Superman MOS Suit enhancement help

    Recently purchased this MOS suit (pic below) from a guy in the UK on ebay. Should arrive some time in the next week. I know it's not going to be a perfect replica, but I don't have the know-how, contacts, or financial justification to DIY something with printed fabric and have it sewn. I am...
  4. M

    Stealth CW Supergirl or 90's Superboy

    like 90's Superboy. FYI not my art. Artists website Or Something like this with some kind of DEO patch cape optional. (image courtesy of Gun Head Designs)
  5. D

    DYE SUB PATTERNS - Wolverine, Deadpool, Green Lantern, Power Rangers, Spiderman etc

    Hi everyone, I've not upload any of m latest designs in a while, below is just some of them. My page is FACEBOOK.COM/SUPERGEEKDESIGNS Please give it a like :)
  6. M

    Man of Steel 'S' shield - help needed

    Hi Guys I'm finishing up my MoS costume for Halloween this weekend and I've found a 3D printer in Soho who can print the 'S' shield in 3D for me which should really help make the costume stand out. Only issue is they need the S shield with markings as an STL file. Does anyone have or know...
  7. indiefilmgeek

    6 Week Halloween Build: BvS Armored Batman for my 8yr old

    After being HULKBUSTER last year, my 8yr old wanted to do another armored suit for Halloween 2016. Unfortunately, I've been extremely busy at work and only ended up with ~6 weeks to construct his requested Armored Batman from Batman v Superman. [how could I say no, right?] Before diving into...
  8. C

    Ezra Miller Flash Suit 3D Model WIP

    Hey everyone! I've been a long time lurker on these forums and I am finally glad I'm a member! Words don't explain my hype for Justice League, and more specifically, the cinematic debut of The Flash. I have every bit of faith in Ezra and can't wait for his performance of the scarlet...
  9. D

    DYE SYB PATTERNS - recent works Supergeek designs - Superman, Batman, Spider-man etc

    Below are some of the recent dye-sub patterns that I have created, I have many more on my facebook page Feel free to check it out :) I am also currently selling them all at half price and I will regularly give away free patterns :)
  10. Ash

    Want to Buy Man of Steel/Dawn of Justice or other Superman suits

    Hey everyone- Just curious if anyone out there is unloading a Man of Steel/Dawn Of Justice or other Superman suit. I ordered a screen printed one from Shanghai and was uber excited to have it for Halloween but when it arrived yesterday it was entirely too small and now has to be returned...
  11. M

    Superman Suit questions

    So i have been planning on getting a Superman suit for a convention i'm going to, by any chance do any of you guys here know a place/store where I can get one for around 150-300 USD ?
  12. K

    First time making a superman (earth 2) suit help/advice/tips are welcomed Help !!!

    Hello all, so I'm not brand new to making props and Cosplay ( been doing it about a year and half), but this is my first time making a superman (Earth 2) suit entirely from scratch, and working with Spandex , I want to do the comic justice so all advice is welcomed. also best way to make a cape...
  13. J

    Replica Superman costume!!! (Christopher Reeve)

    Hey guys, I'm attempting to start making a replica costume from superman, particularly Christopher Reeve's suit! I have made myself the emblem and constructed the belt, but am having great difficulty finding a baby blue body suit, with no hand or head covers?! Need some help! Thanks Louis
  14. Indy Magnoli

    Prisma App for Great Cosplay Photos!

    I've been playing around with this Prisma app and, photoshopping a few different Prisma filters into one image, made these images: Get it and have fun with your photos! Kind regards, Magnoli
  15. C

    Wonder Woman's Sword (BvS)

    It's been a while since I've posted something: Here's a commission that I just finished for Wonder Woman's sword from Batman vs Superman - CaptainVenom
  16. S

    Want to Buy Looking for a new Black Superman Justice League Movie Suite

    Hello, I'm looking to see if anyone can guide me someone that can make a new Black Superman Justice League move version of the suit; S optional. This would be a work in progress even if it just starts with the suit. Thank you, Staticweb23
  17. ClayTheSpider15

    Custom Superman Help and Build Thread

    Hey Everyone, This is my first Superman build, and in general first DC build, but i made this design for my halloween costume but I need help figuring out what I'll need. Can you guys who are good with these things help out? Thnx!
  18. 7

    Superman American Alien: Aviator Superman

    Hello, long time reader, first time poster, here! For my first proper cosplay I couldn't decide whether to do something obscure, or something more well-known, so I decided to do something that was a mixture of both. Now, I absolutely adore the comic "Superman: American Alien," by Max Landis, and...
  19. M

    Superman suit question

    Has anyone ever tried these patches on a suit ?
  20. Super Sebastian

    Batman vs superman & justice ligue superman cape fabric

    Hi I have been making for meany years, Chris Reeve Superman REPLICA costumes , now I would like to make for my collection the new Superman Costume, one of the most rare thing to find is the cape fabric and, I think I am luck, I find this amazing fabric that seems to be identical. So I will...
  21. GiZam

    Batman Dawn of Justice Armor finished

    Hello to everyone :) I want to share with you my finished Batman armor from the movie "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice". The cosplay is made out of EVA-Foam, coated with 2-3 layers pva/water and 3 coats of PlastiDip. The pepakura files are from AZTLAN...
  22. D

    Comic Con San Diego 2016 (Photoshoot)

    Hi guys, My name is Deji aka Ade Johnson. I’m a 27 year old photographer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. About one year ago I started my adventure as a creative art photographer. Prior to this I worked for a variety photo press agencies around the world (ANP, Getty Images, Reuters, AP)...
  23. deathstroke132

    Final 3d sculpt for my batfleck cowl

    hey there! I posted earlier this week about my other version. but ima put on the finished one now. so as you can see there are a lot of improvements. I plan on getting it 3d printed and then I'm going to mold it and then cast it in some urethane rubber. I will post a thread when I get around...
  24. bradtdkrises

    Dawn of Justice...Kids

    Just thought Id share this of my kids at a church day camp on superhero day
  25. M

    Is anyone doing CBS/CW Supergirl?

    I'm really surprised that that there's not more Supergirl builds on here. Is anybody making this suit? I've tried to get it commissioned on here, with no reply. Any other fans here?

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