stranger things

  1. Scadge

    Realistic TRC-214 - Stranger Things Walkie Talkie w/ Sounds!

    Realistic TRC-214 Walkie-Talkie, working lights & soundboard with 10 clips from the show. Buyer has option to have sounds swapped or replaced prior to shipping. 10$ Shipping, Please Message to purchase do not use the "Buy It Now Function"
  2. JanxAngel

    Stranger Things Cheerleader outfit

    I want to do a Stranger Things cheer outfit for Halloween this year. I've looked up as many references as I can, but I can't figure out the name for the fabric used. I used to cheer in the 80s as a little kid and I can remember the feel of it. It was heavy polyester knit for the top and a...
  3. Kylash

    Limited Run Stranger Things Eddie Guitar Pick Necklace

    Made from genuine medium tortoise shell guitar picks. Accurate versions with no stamping or logo on either side. Comes on silver ball chain necklace, available clean or weathered s seen in the last episode. Tortoise shell pattern varies on every piece. I have enough to make about 20. US & Canada...
  4. starbxrner

    Gareth Stranger Things

    Hey! So my partner is cosplaying Gareth from the new season of Stranger Things and obviously we want to get it as accurate as possible - right down to the pins… Only problem is we’re having some trouble finding the exact ones from the pictures we’ve got: does anybody recognise these?
  5. Dr Jones Sr

    Limited Run Hawkins Police Flag Patch Stranger Things

    The US flag patches seen on all Hawkins Police uniform shirts and jackets are not an ordinary US flag but are a modified design. Here you can see, on a screen shot from Stranger Things: I have done a small run of replica patches. They have plain backs (not iron-on) and have the same...