stormtrooper blaster

  1. haakesack

    Star Wars Anovos Original Stormtrooper + Blaster, Boots, Extras

    Hi all, I'm selling a complete kit of Anovos armor and tons of extras. I spent the time to collect a very complete kit so this truly is everything you need to get trooping. I was following ukswrath's build procedures and had the intention of attaining centurion level. Thanks for looking. The...
  2. M

    Star Wars E-11 blaster scope MHR Co 1943 M38 tank telescope

    edit: SOLD a vintage brass 1943 M.H.R. M38 tank telescope, aka one of the stormtrooper E-11 blaster scopes. Includes the additional screw-in front lens, which removes and attaches smoothly. Price: $250/shipped in USA, $300/shipped international. Thank you. Photos:

    My first E-11 prop replica- S&T Airsoft with mods

    So I finally got myself my first e-11 blaster. I saw quite a few great looking resin E-11s but decided I wanted something with heft, weight and moving parts like a real Sterling, so I opted for S&T’s Airsoft custom Sterling. I noticed it was entirely accurate so I made some mods after It...