stop motion

  1. BlackFeatherCre

    Ghostbuster (1984) - Terror Dog Puppet (Build Log)

    Intro: This thread is supposed to document my attempt to recreate a passable replica of one of the stop motion puppets of the terror dogs used in the OG Ghostbusters. This was a very fun and educative project. It involved a lot of blood sweat and tears but I am very pleased with the end result...
  2. Hagoth

    Fully articulated 24" tall AT-AT adventure

    Inspired by starks Revell AT-AT WIP upgrade thread seen here Revell At-At WIP this build thread is a spin off to dive further into dissecting the stop motion articulation of the studio models and attempting to replicate what is seen on screen. The premise of this thread is be an open build for...
  3. TheCopperhead

    Talos from "Jason and the Argonauts"

    With Scotland sitting in another three week lockdown, I thought I'd keep myself busy with another project. With 2020 marking Ray Harryhausen's Centenary, I decided to pay tribute to an iconic stop motion character! Made with scrap wood and sculpted with Milliput epoxy putty in my garage...
  4. TheCopperhead

    Stop Motion Cyclops Creature Puppet

    Almost finished this 1/6 scale stop motion Cyclops puppet for a personal short film project. Fully articulated with a ball and socket armature (from Malvern Armatures) and cast in expanding polyurethane foam with an outer latex skin from a sculpture moulded in plaster. Details like the horns and...
  5. TheCopperhead

    Stop Motion Sets (O'Brien/Harryhausen Style)

    Hi! I posted a few months ago on my stop motion dinosaur tests and thought I'd post a link to my blog and a couple of videos on what I have been up to lately. Angus Lamont - Stop Motion Animation/Model-Making :)