1. Jake Kassnoff

    Glowing Sting Sword

  2. SoulieMakes

    Weathered "Sting" from LotR: A Gift for my Son

    Hello RPF. I've lurked in here for probably ten years with a few different user names... but decided to post my first replica sword project. My son, who is 8, just read and watched The Hobbit. For Christmas, he asked if he could "have a sword like Bilbo's." So here's my build diary. I hope you...
  3. 0

    Master Replicas FX Sting Sword Repair?

    I recently pulled out my Masters Replica Sting Sword from storage and noticed the translucent paint has worn away on some parts of the blade. It's a super thin translucent silver paint layer on top of transparent plastic allowing the sword to glow blue underneath. Does anyone have any idea if...
  4. ziddersroofurry

    Has anyone ever made a replica of Sting from the animated Hobbit?

    I'm finding a bunch of threads about Sting here but so far I've yet to see anyone replicate Sting from the Rankin-Bass Hobbit. I haven't seen anyone selling a replica on the commercial replica market, either. It's sad to think Peter Jackson's films have overshadowed the animated Hobbit/RotK/LotR...