1. gpalkaline

    LOST- Charlie Pace acoustic guitar Stickers

    Hi All, I would like to try to replicate Charlie pace guitar from LOST TV series, but I cannot find any information about make/model, but most importantly stickers which are on the guitar. I have tried to find something similar in google images but it is just impossible. Is there any chance that...
  2. peanutismint

    Printing decal stickers at home - how do I make sure they print at the correct size to stick onto a project?

    This might be a simple question but I'm new at printing artwork. I have a small plastic replica of an arcade cabinet and I'd like to print some custom decals to stick to the sides/front of the case. To do this accurately and to scale I assume I'll need to first take accurate measurements of the...
  3. Jawajawa827

    Done / Completed Replica Model 7 Lettering and Inspection Stickers

    Limited Run for replica model 7 lettering and inspection stickers Moved To/Combined with