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  1. mikoyan99

    Fallout 3/Skyrim Inspired Laser Katana

    Just thought i'd share my latest project - a pair of laser katanas inspired by the Fallout 3 mod. I have access to autocad, so I designed the parts to be laser cut. The "blade" is 5mm thick acrylic tint, with aluminium panels riveted to each to hold everything in place. It's completely blunt...
  2. LandstalkerProp

    Steampunk Sniper Rifle (Nerf Maverick Conversion)

    I took part in a challenge on Facebook to convert a Nerf Maverick Rev 6 into a Steampunk weapon. After trying out a few options the sniper rifle seemed the best The whole thing is built from odds 'n' sods that were in my workshop and it was completed in a couple of weeks.
  3. S

    NYCC Batmen group

    I had an idea for anyone planning on going to NYCC. It's not a complete idea but I'll get between 8-15 people who would do various different versions of batman e.g. Steampunk, Samurai, TDKR(FrankMIller), '40s etc. Anyone Interested please let me know.
  4. M

    Steampunk/Bioshock style goggles I made.

    Second attempt at steampunking something. So much fun.
  5. D

    Materials aquisition for a steampunk mask

    I am quite the steampunk fan and have finally decided that it is time that I took the effort to make something. I thought for my first project I'd like to make something simple such as a gas mask and then move onto a pair of goggles. I really like the exhaust pipe on the mask below and would...
  6. Clockwork Cthulhu by Brett King

    Clockwork Cthulhu by Brett King

    The great Cthulhu has sent an emissary from the deep to drive mortals mad.
  7. Brett King

    Brett King's 2014 Halloween Costume Contest Entry

    “Clockwork Cthulhu” By Brett King Here is my entry in the 2014 Halloween Costume Contest, under the "New Members" category. I've been doing costuming for about 3 years, pretty much exclusively in the steampunk genre. I've won a number of costume contests with my Steampunk Arctic Explorer...
  8. T

    Newbie in Steampunk outfit, need your opinions

    Hi everyone, I finally managed to stumble upon an active steam punk forum where I can post my pictures and ask for ideas and stuff! Great! As I mentioned, I'm a newbie in this, I always loved everything about Steam Punk but I also thought I could never make such a thing myself. But, never say...
  9. Badsprout

    Fancy Dress Steampunk Revolver

    These have been around for a while in the US; but have only recently appeared in the UK. They're quite small; but really come to life when given a decent paintjob. Steam-powered holdout pistol anyone? Hope you like it.
  10. Major Grubert

    Major Grubert Pith Helmet

    When I decided to do Major Grubert cosplay I knew there would be some challenges but I never thought the pith helmet would be one of them. I didn't build from scratch but I did hack a store bought pith helmet into a new level. (**For those not familiar with Major Grubert, he is the creation of...
  11. C

    Lex Luthor: Power Armor Steampunk, Dragon*Con Ready Phase1

    I have been wanting to do a steampunk Lex Luthor for a very lone time. I am going to post my WIP here starting tonight. I will be wearing this at dragon*Con which on the 28th of this month. Here is what I am working with so far: I have cut my patterns and I am using 1/2" EVA anti...
  12. J Scorn

    The HG WELLS time machine 8 DAY COMMISSION. did we build it in TIME?

    Hello, things for me have moved on at a great pace since i last started a thread on this forum. I now have a great team of 5 talented costumers, make up artists and prop builders AND we have a huge WORKSHOP. A very recent commission we had come in, was to create the HG WELLS time machine for...
  13. D

    Steampunk Magneto Cosplay

    Hello all. I'm venturing out on a rather difficult project and I need the help of some who are far more knowledgeable on the subject. I'm looking for patterns, but I know not the names of some of the specific uniforms pieces that I'm going to make. I was wondering if anyone could help me out...
  14. medusasmirror

    Steampunk Ursula

    I'm working on a steampunk Ursula costume for DragonCon this year and I'm stumped on the tentacles. I'm planning more of a tentacle bustle rather than full length tentacles all around. But I don't want to make them out of cloth. I've seen some cool ones, but that's just not the look I'm going...
  15. the DOCTOR

    Martian War Machine- H. G. Well's Tripod

    After my Three Legged Tank, I thought I'd better make a matching Martian adversary, so, armed with some random plastic shapes, I started on my own version of the Martian's tripod war machine: The head started out as an acrylic heart shaped box, I *think* it may have originally had scented soap...
  16. philmonty

    Advice on building Steampunk version of Empire of the Sun Headpiece

    Hi all I am looking for advice on building a replica of the headpiece the lead singer from "Empire of the Sun" wears:
  17. I

    Dishonoured (Corvo Attano) Cosplay

    Hey team, I just finished my Dishonour costume. There are a few things I would like to alter (like always) but overall I am very pleased with my result. Comments/feedback welcome, especially simple things to fix/add before I premiere it at ECCC in a few weeks!
  18. 44arpeggios

    Robin. With some changes... WIP

    Hello There! Long time Reader, First time Poster etc etc So i came up with this funky design for a robin costume a while back and i've decided im going to try and make it! The idea is that its a stylised suit, but its also realistic. I loved how in Nolan's batman everything on...
  19. Bonanza

    Smallville Comiccon: June 21-22, 2014

    In 2012 a small grassroots campaign asked the question, "Is Hutchinson, Kansas the real Smallville?" The interest and outpouring of support was so tremendous it resulted in the Mayor issuing a proclamation in 2013, declaring the city would officially change its name to "Smallville" for a single...
  20. D

    Neat stuff, steampunk?

    I've been working on a steampunk story to be produced in comic book format and possibly a web series for youtube. Here's some of the things I have made for it. Have a looksie. I have more of this stuff over on my Facebook page
  21. R

    Steampunk Pirates

    For the past seven years we have attended a pirate party that encourages costuming. They made a point of saying last year's costumes could not compete in the contest, well ... my wife just saw that as a challenge hahaha. Most of the clothing we had from other costumes my wife had made and the...
  22. nemo13400

    non-movies Hand Guns Pistols Props...

    Hi, it has been a long time since my last thread I'm here just to post some pics from my two last props these are related to no movie (or inspired from a lot of different sci-fi movies) each one had been made within a day (or a night, for the smaller one) you can find them on Instructables here...
  23. zonkm

    Steampunk NERF Gun

    Just for fun I worked over one of my son's old NERF guns in a Steampunk paint scheme. I've seen a number of these done elsewhere so I thought I'd give it a shot. It's not really a model or a scratch-build but I used a lot of model painting techniques... Took it apart, cleaned and primed all the...
  24. TK-326

    Steampunk props and a plea for help

    Thought I'd show some pics of what we are building for our first ever steampunk exposition during a local convention. Also wanted to make one last desperate plea for Kickstarter backers. We only have 3 days left to raise the remainder of our goal of $5K to pay for all of the materials and...

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