1. jusdrewit

    Another Lara Croft statue 1/8 scale

    In light of seeing Korben's awesome work on his Lara kit, thought I'd be brave and share mine too. I picked mine up online a while back, and had a lot of fun with it. There's something about the 1/8 scale in resin that I really enjoy, it's not too small and not too large for me. Anyways, my...
  2. blickfangQ2

    blickfangQ2 - Iron Man MK46 XLVI - lifesize NECA statue refinish

    Hi everybody, every once in a while I take opportunities that present themselves. I was able to get my hands on one of the last NECA 1:1 IronMan 46 statues in Germany. Since the finish is questionable to say the least, I knew I had to overhaul the whole statue and finish it closer to my...
  3. jusdrewit

    Darth Zannah (Jean Grey) 1:8 statue

    Hello! This is a 3d printed resin model kit of Jean Grey in 1/8 scale that I purchased online from Ny3dcreations awhile back. The moment I saw it I thought that would make a cool Star Wars character as the sculpt was great, so I decided to convert it into Darth Zannah from Legends lore, who was...
  4. HandsomeDan

    Terminator 2 Bust Gregory wig

    Hi all, this is my first ever post on here so i dont know exactly what im doing haha im making a 1:1 terminator statue from T2 . this will be my fourth statue, tho i normally have someone else do the wig and eyebrows. i attempting the wig a couple years ago ( gregory wig ) but when i cut it for...
  5. StatuesFigsMore

    Narin 2 Guns Cleaner Wolf Predator Statue

    Review video of my Narin 2 Guns Cleaner Wolf Predator Statue Hope you enjoy the video and feel free to comment or give feedback or suggestions. ENJOY!