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  1. I

    Images of ISD, nebulon B movie props

    Hi Therepf! Long time Lurker here, thought i'd register because i've ended up at a crossroads. I'm looking for images of the props used in the star wars original trilogy. More specifically the Nebulon-b and the star destroyer (both MKI and MKII). I know there are images of them in the japanese...
  2. Jake Kassnoff

    Luke's Lightsaber Build

  3. JCulley3D

    Smart Glass Mando lamp build!

    Smart Glass tech in this one! Ever since I watched the Mandalorian TV series I have been 'itching' to try my hand at a cosplay build, so, having already made a gritty weathered cosplay bag, I wanted to add to the whole survival kit idea with a camping light / stove / drink warmer / personal...