starwars costumes and props

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  1. MBMStudios

    Saber build parts

    I’ve been seeing these rings on a lot of custom sabers, anyone know what they are called?
  2. B

    Mandalorian Armorer Cosplay

    I'm looking to do a Mandalorian Cosplay based upon the tv show The Mandalorian. Currently I have the helmet being 3D printed and I should have next month, where the sanding, bondo, painting, and finding a welder visor happens. I'm having a rough go with the rest of the ensemble. 1...
  3. il_794xN.1578622091_5nxe.jpg


  4. il_794xN.2064108315_cp3w.jpg


  5. camprandall

    Complete Sith Trooper Costume

    I have a complete just built Sith trooper for sale. I've worn it for one troop plus some test fitting so it has minor edge wear type stuff, but is basically brand new. I just don't have time to take care of this stuff or troop much these days so I'm not going to just store it. I'm asking for my...
  6. Corellianexports

    Star Wars ROTJ Han Solo Blaster Scope Cap - Machined Aluminum

    What you get: Machined aluminum cap, CNC machined aluminum knob (Black Anodized), aluminum rivet and a resin "waffle" tip. The cap design is the same as the original Boba Debt caps made for his last run. The knob and tip is from his last run.
  7. DesertTrooper99

    ATA ANH Stunt TK Armor Build

    How's it going guy's, a few weeks ago I received my big brown box from ATA and was excited to build my first set of armor, so far I've trimmed alot of the armor pieces and started sanding but I will gladly take some more input to make my armor as comfortable and accurate as I can get it.
  8. Nm1cciola

    Han Solo Blaster *TOY CONVERSION

    I recently purchased This Mauser Toy Gun and am now am thinking that while it if a fun nerf style gun, What would push this over the edge for me at least would be to mod it into a Han Solo Type blaster. I have searched the past two days trying to find to see if anyone has modded this particular...
  9. D

    3d printed led lightsaber help needed

    Hello fellow sabersmiths, am looking for some advice. I've been try to make my own lightsaber for a while now with no luck. I've 3d printed all my parts from here Modular Lightsaber - 25 Saber Parts by Z9ld and using the twist part Modular Lightsaber UPGRADE: Electronic core (Light+sound) by...
  10. Daniel Mason

    Star Wars Convention in letchworth UK

    Hi guys i just had to start a new account on here as my password wasn't working, so i used to be mason191, anyway its great to be back on this site! Now for the important part I need some serious help!, a family friend runs the events side of a grade 2 listed building its part of english...
  11. alecsanz

    Orgus Din's lightsaber

    Hi I show you today Orgus Din's lightsaber from The Old Republic. More pics here: Orgus Din's lightsaber
  12. virateck

    Kylo ren Helmet V3 final

    Hey everyone ! In the lasts few months , I was trying to make the most accurate Kylo ren's helmet I could :) This helmet is a bit of an obsession for me so there is the V3 :P To make it , I started with 3D file who was coming from Battlefront 2. There was some missings parts and some things...
  13. Arenaprops

    Luke Skywalker ROTJ Lightsaber replica

    This is a Korbanth kit with a Spark2 soundboard with a custom made crystal chamber and custom made blade plug, with an aged battle weathered paint job.

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