starwars costumes and props

  1. Banzai88

    Star Wars Unique Complete Female Mando/Black Sun costume by Neil Ellis

  2. OddViking

    Obi-Wan Kenobi Blaster and Holster

    Hello There! I just finished a prop for a fellow cosplayer who is building of of the Kenobi show costumes, and I wanted to share my build, especially the holster pattern and the unusual closure piece for it I discovered. (I did this as a favor, I don't build these on commission or anything)...
  3. the.rebel.agent

    Obi-Wan Kenobi Limited Series Comlink - Found Object

    During Leia's rescue, Obi-Wan used this comlink to communicate with Tala. It is based actually in a Kodak Service Rangefinder They are hard to find and I was able to get a hold on one. Since I know they are going hard to get, I 3D modeled: Planning to make this model very ASAP. You...
  4. superlovanova

    Question about Heatforming ALREADY PAINTED Pieces

    Hello, I am currently making repairs to my Ahsoka Siege of Mandalore cosplay. All her armour has been painted, and my being a noob didn’t realize how important shaping is for foam pieces! I’m wondering if AFTER I seal my pieces with flex seal, I can use my heat gun to heat form the sealed...
  5. Deetz

    Darth Vader reveal helmet

    A project I've been wanting to do for a long time. I'm very close to the end now with the dome, lenses and a sith styled stand for the helmet remaining. As for real parts, yeah no, not happening lol. I tried finding parts but they seem scarce, or I just didn't search in the right areas, no...
  6. C

    Gar Saxon Clone Wars Season 7 Cosplay

    Hi everyone, my name is Dan, I'm 28 from the UK, a very novice cosplayer who usually focuses on Star Trek but is jumping into the Star Wars realm. I have made clone trooper armour and a Starkiller helmet in the past. I'm going to a local comi-con here in the UK in May and wanted an original...
  7. RFT1978

    Old Rex - Star Wars Rebels Finished

    Hello all. I'm in the process of building a new costume. Old Rex from Star Wars Rebels. It shouldn't come directly from the Animated Universe, but it should have more of it than a real-looking Rex. I bought a kit on Etsy. I have to work through this clearly. I glued, smoothed and sanded the...
  8. CommanderWolffe

    My DENIX ANH DL-44 build

    Hello DL-44 Community, Im happy to post my first DL-44 build, and see what y’all think! Mine is a Denix base with parts from Dark Energy Creations. The Denix was a rough cast for sure, and required a lot of clean up. There are still some small things id like to fix, but I’ll get to them in time...
  9. CaptainNater

    Fan Made Chewbacca Mask - 3d Model To Finished Mask

    Hello everyone! So, I have been working on making a Chewbacca mask for the past few months. My first attempt was not bad but it didn't look enough like Chewie. So, I re-worked my 3d model and started from scratch on my Version 2. Started with a 3d model, printed out the model, sculpted...
  10. MrSpideyXD

    Boba Fett's Repainted Armor (The Mandalorian Season 2) W.I.P

    Hey everyone, im new here on the rpf and i want to share with you some of my progress on my Boba Fett's armor from The Mandalorian Season 2. Any kind of advice is welcome.
  11. Jake Kassnoff

    Battle Damaged Darth Vader Helmet

    Tutorial Link:
  12. I

    Images of ISD, nebulon B movie props

    Hi Therepf! Long time Lurker here, thought i'd register because i've ended up at a crossroads. I'm looking for images of the props used in the star wars original trilogy. More specifically the Nebulon-b and the star destroyer (both MKI and MKII). I know there are images of them in the japanese...
  13. Farrells Props

    Mandolorian Tracking Fob Build

    Well....I knew I had to make some of these at one point or another. It was really just a matter of having the time. I finished exams last week and have been diving back into projects headfirst. I started by sketching up a rough design of the prop in Mando's hand as well as other shots with the...
  14. Aditrap

    Collection: One year after making my own

    Hi everyone, I've been lurking in the RPF for a few years every once in a while but only really started to get active. I love seeing everyone's progress and finished builds so I thought I'd share what I've been able to make since I got a 3D printer last year. Still have a lot to learn and I've...
  15. D

    Help identifying what appears to be a replica prop.

    I found this lightsaber about 3-4 ish years ago at my local goodwill, grouped in with a bunch of Halloween stuff. It jumped out to me as it’s clearly not a toy. Recently I’ve tried to identify what it really is and perhaps even who made it, and was directed here. here’s an album of pictures...
  16. MANDO_A_general_3s.jpg


    Anovos Madalorian helmet - May 2020
  17. MANDO_A_general_2s.jpg


    Anovos Madalorian helmet - May 2020
  18. MANDO_A_dark_reflection_1s.jpg


    Anovos Madalorian helmet - May 2020
  19. MANDO_A_general_1s.jpg


    Anovos Madalorian helmet - May 2020
  20. MBMStudios

    Saber build parts

    I’ve been seeing these rings on a lot of custom sabers, anyone know what they are called?
  21. B

    Mandalorian Armorer Cosplay

    I'm looking to do a Mandalorian Cosplay based upon the tv show The Mandalorian. Currently I have the helmet being 3D printed and I should have next month, where the sanding, bondo, painting, and finding a welder visor happens. I'm having a rough go with the rest of the ensemble. 1...
  22. il_794xN.1578622091_5nxe.jpg


  23. il_794xN.2064108315_cp3w.jpg


  24. DesertTrooper99

    ATA ANH Stunt TK Armor Build

    How's it going guy's, a few weeks ago I received my big brown box from ATA and was excited to build my first set of armor, so far I've trimmed alot of the armor pieces and started sanding but I will gladly take some more input to make my armor as comfortable and accurate as I can get it.
  25. Nm1cciola

    Han Solo Blaster *TOY CONVERSION

    I recently purchased This Mauser Toy Gun and am now am thinking that while it if a fun nerf style gun, What would push this over the edge for me at least would be to mod it into a Han Solo Type blaster. I have searched the past two days trying to find to see if anyone has modded this particular...