1. Harada357

    Icarus - Planet of the Apes Spacecraft ANSA - FTL - Model Custom build

    I finally picked up the Fantastic plastic Icarus Resin Kit. I loved the full ship design - but wanted to customize it with the 1960's Apollo Look. I kit bashed a few Saturn V kits and this is what I came up with. I wanted a FTL engine section on the ship. I also have a second stage that...
  2. F

    GOTG Milano Starship battle-damaged Version

    Yesterday I bought a Hasbro toy for 30 bucks of the Milano Starship from GOTG, It's quite a cheap toy and I decided to modify it and turn it into a battle damaged relict entangled by forest vines and moss. Idk you guys but god I love it now. It will be placed inside my terrarium where I have a...
  3. Tomperys

    Metal SGU Destiny (1st run)

    Hi, I would like to make a run for metal series models from stargate. The first to go (there will be a series of 5 models at least) is Destiny from Stargate Universe. The material would be 60% steel and 40% bronze with bronze finish I will do max 30 ships in the first run. The price will be...