1. D

    Starkiller sith stalker armor

    hey guys ive been looking to buy or make the sith stalker armor from star wars the force unleashed. looked everywhere and the only pieces i could find was the helmet and a bit of the armor. also found wickedarmor but he doesnt seem to make it anymore. does anyone have tips on how to start with...
  2. Samhain013

    Galen "Marek" Starkiller’s Lightsaber

    Hi everyone, I’m sure a lot of you’ve answered this question on so many times. So for awhile now I’ve been searching for someone to help me make a replica of Galen "Marek" Starkiller’s Lightsaber from SWTFU1. I am trying to make a replica like the one in this video; any help will be greatly...
  3. alecsanz

    Starkiller's TFU paper lightsaber

    Hello today I bring you Starkiller's lightsaber from The Force Unleashed. More pics here: Starkiller's lightsaber