stargate atlantis

  1. F

    Stargate Atlantis hanging crystal display help requested

    Looking to replicate the hanging crystal display thing from Atargate Atlantis. see picture The issue is that the other references I have for it aren't very clear, all screen caps similar to this one and this white background version of it that's nearly impossible to see the designs on the...
  2. S

    Stargate Atlantis Door Controller

    Been working on this for the past month whilst stuck in lock down. Only got to recast one crystal and polish up the resin once I find a fine sandpaper.... all comments and thoughts welcome.
  3. SG Merc

    Want to Buy Stargate Screen Used Props

    I am interested in buying original props and production materials from any Stargate shows or the movie. Drop me a line if you have anything that you might sell.
  4. S

    Stargate Atlantis

    Hey everyone. I’m looking for any files folders anything at all todo withStargate Atlantis,,, mostly the ancient designs but anything at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  5. C

    Looking a making a stargate costume, need help on ID'ing a jacket.

    These uniforms were used during S4 & S5 of stargate atlantis for offworld use. Need help on IDing the base uniform. S1-S3 and S4 & S5 used two different dickie work jackets but i can't tell if these are the same just in black. S1-S3 uniform (modifed dickies jacket) S4-S5 uniform (modified...
  6. Victor Davion

    Anyone Have The Stargate Atlantis Tablet Simulation Files?

    So I decided that I wanted to put together a replica of the tablets seen throughout Stargate Atlantis. I've got a tablet and correct case coming in and am now looking for the production used simulation files. A few dead links around, and I know there was someone selling them on eBay some time...
  7. cyberpred

    Stargate Collectables Check out this group and invite your Stargate friends.
  8. A

    Want to Buy ZPM Stargate

    Hello, I am on a quest to find one of the best Zero Point modules out there, Ive heard that actiprops guy used to make them, tried contacting him, he seemed rather rude to talk and wasnt really interested. Im recreating the ZPM and making it somewhat functional and am beginning to drive myself...
  9. EndloseCosplay

    Fandom based vintage Luggage Stickers

    I know that title is a mouth full, but here is the low down. I am looking for get luggage travel stickers that are Marvel, Dc, Dr Who, My little Pony, Star Wars, Star Trek, RBWY, Sandman, Harry Potter, Stargate Atlantis, Babylon 5, and Batman themed. What are luggage stickers? Well it's what...
  10. A

    Stargate props

    Howdy everyone! So I've decided to put my skills to the test and to make a series of ZPM's with various functions! (some will be hilariously awesome) Heres my MK1 ZPM made from orange PLA in a 3d printer! 1:1 Scale replica built in 3 parts. Parts 1&2 are now perfectly glued together This...
  11. roberteliason

    Ronons Blaster or Particle Magnum from Stargate: Atlantis (WIP)

    First a short introduction as to why I'm doing this. I cosplay for charity at various events and sometimes it's just not appropriate to carry realistic looking firearms. Stargate has mostly contemporary firearms, so I needed something less 'realistic'. A space gun :) So I found a 3D file for...
  12. C

    Stargate Atlantis walkie-talkie

    I lucked out and found a Motorola VISAR radio on Ebay for fairly cheap. From what I understand though, they used a custom modified bent antenna on the show so that the radios would fit in the left breast pocket on the tac vests. Unfortunately, while I've been able to find plenty of pics of the...
  13. Futurescape3D

    Stargate Atlantis Ronon Dex Pistol

    Hello all! We finished designing and 3D printing this rendition of the Ronon Dex pistol from Stargate Atlantis and we wanted to get some feedback on it. I know it needs some detail work, but for a first draft it wasn't too bad. We added a black matte finish to give it a nice, smooth feel and...
  14. Fly4v

    P90 sights for a Nerf Rayven

    After watching a few too many episodes of Stargate, decided to modify a Nerf Rayven Elite to have a similar rail and sight as the P90 PDW. Here are the templates that I used for the dot sight and the side rails. The dot sight will have maglight replacement lenses when finished...
  15. Trinium

    Stargate Atlantis Paint colors

    I was at home Depot today and I found these textured paints. The pewter is dead on for SGU and most things Ancient, plus they had one that caputerd the rust SGU Perfectly. So I snapped a pic to share with you guys. I think I am going to buy out there Pewter stock Because it seems to be a...
  16. Trinium

    Stargate Crystal Mold

    So I came across something on thingverse that was made to make Crystal Ice Cubes. Well I printed it out, then scaled it up I think it would be be perfect for making crystals for that 2 part resin. Plus it has a side that could easily be slid into a hole for mounting! I Mean all the crystals on...
  17. Tom Sheldon

    Stargate Atlantis Tablets

    Hey, Since most existing SGA threads are pretty old I figured I would make a new thread to ask about the tablets used on Atlantis. I found an older topic dealing with it saying that all tablets, especially that of McKay are Motion Computing M1400s. However, I also read somewhere else that they...
  18. MolochSim

    Ronon Dex Particle Magnum

    Hi everyone. I have been lurking on here for quite some time and this is my first post. I am working on a replica of the Particle Magnum blaster used by Ronon Dex in Stargate: Atlantis. It will be made mostly from foam and thin plastic sheets. I hope to post some progress soon. I took my time...
  19. O

    Want to Buy Stargate ZPM Stand

    Hi Guys, am looking for a stand to mount my ZPM on, something similar to the screen used one as seen here: I can gather how this was made and how to go about producing a replica, however I do not have the tools necessary to do it, anyone on here able to throw one together...
  20. C

    Interest Reproduction Stargate File Folders

    Been working on these for awhile. Finally have the graphics where I'm happy with them so looking to judge interest for a run of folders and/or possibly just sell the graphics set for 'personal/non-resale' use if you have your own large format printer & can print on file folders. With the help...
  21. C

    Want to Buy Oxford Interior File Folder 41711S-IVY for Stargate SG1 (Canadian members help!)

    Need some help form a Canadian member or a US member that lives near the US-Canada Border that goes to Canada frequently. Trying to get 2 boxes of these file folders. They were use by the Stargate Art department as one of the Classified folders. Unfortunately these folders are only available...
  22. tastgr

    Scratch-build Puddlejumper (Stargate)

    Hey everyone! While I've been a member here since 2011, I've rarely frequented the boards as time and my memory both failed me! In any case, I have started on a Puddlejumper from SG1/SGA. This will be my first scratch build of a ship, and my 2nd scratch build of anything. Before length trim...
  23. RabbleRouser

    Jaffa Staff Resin Kit Help

    A few years ago I began working on my Jaffa Serpent guard armor. it has been a slow process as work and family leaves me little time to sneak away and spend time on my.....obsessions. I am to the point where I am comfortable with the project enough that I am ready to trial run it at a convention...
  24. jessec

    Stargate Atlantis Dogbone Wall Light - [Build] [Finished]

    Howdy Folks! :) Hope all well. Stargate Atlantis has such amazing pieces, the whole set design has fascinated me from the day i first watched it ! I love building stuff from SGA. This dogbone light from Weir's/Woolsy's and Sam Carter's Office has been on #2 to do lights on my list. So here i...
  25. J

    Atlantis Stargate made by the USS Joshua

    This Stargate was a combined effort by the USS Joshua a sci fi club based in the DFW area. There was a core group of four people who designed and created it but our entire club helped including me. It took over a year to build from start to finish. The constellations light up and it plays the...