star wars the phantom menace

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  1. D

    Darth Vader Helmet with changes, by Darkpixelstorms

    Hello, We decide to post photos of first version Darth Vader Helmet, without much changes. in this one we try to "copy" helmet from movie, but in the future we will try to upgrade this with our visions. We lost some photos when formatting the drive in a laptop, not only for this project...
  2. L

    Papercraft Life Size Battle Droid, R2D2, BB-8, Droideka, C1-10P....

    Hi Folks I Figured It Was Time To Update My Post Anyone Wants Any Info Let Me Know......Life Size Battle Droid ...Built Over A Few Months From Thick Card Stands Over 6ft Tall...Been Building Models For Quite Some Time Mainly Star Wars...Small And Large Models ...Built Full Size R2-D2 and R5...
  3. D

    Stormtrooper Helmet with changes, Pepakura&Putty

    Hello, My name is Philip, and with my friend Jack, we started to build Stormtrooper helmet. We don't want to clone helmet from movie, we have vision to make this more like realistic one helmet, with some sort of changes.At start it will be only apperance changes, but in future we going to add...
  4. GINO

    STAR WARS LIFESIZED - gallery of my personal & licensed SW work!

    Hey guys, FINALLY, we now have our very own Star Wars forum here on the RPF! I thought I’d take the opportunity to make a new thread here to tell a little bit about myself and show off a bunch of my work. My personal collection consists mainly of 1:1 life-size costumes, props, and displays, but...
  5. T

    Advice for my Chewbacca Cosplay/Mask?

    So I have been making blueprints and researching designs for creating a Chewbacca Cosplay. I havn't found a clear way to make a static mask and I was wondering if any of you Wookie experts could give some advice. I would love to know: -What to make the mask out of -How to attach hair...
  6. Spirit Juggler

    Roger the Battle Droid gets ready for the drive to Celebration Europe

    Some of you may know Mekroids boy Roger. Here he's getting ready for the drive from Stoke on Trent to Germany for Celebration Europe II - - - Updated - - - - - - Updated - - - - - - Updated - - - He was however more than a little unsure of the route. He took some convincing...
  7. DP74

    My Indiegogog Campaign for a film on Costuming and Cos-Players!

    Cos-Culture | Indiegogo <-clicky! My name is Jay Bianco, I'm a filmmaker, a Costumer, and a member of The RPF and The 501st Legion - along with my wife and kids, for a few years now. I've asked permission to post my campaign on this site, and am very grateful that I'm able to. I'm posting...
  8. T

    How accurate are these lightsaber blueprints?

    After searching around the net for some good Darth Maul lightsaber blueprints, I found the ones at Sith Archives Home. Can anyone tell me how accurate those Darth Maul lightsaber blueprints are? If there are inaccuracies, can you tell me where so I can fix them? I've attached the blueprints for...
  9. qwajman

    looking for reference material for Droid Lockdowns

    Does anyone know of any good reference shots or other material for the droid lockdowns on the naboo ship?
  10. El Visitor

    Newbie seeks sith infiltrator interior references

    Hi, I'm currently waiting for some materials to arrive for a 24" ISD build I've been planning and decided to warm up for the build with a bit of small scale tinkering. I want to accurize/ detail to a small sith infiltrator model I have but I can't seem to find any good references for the...
  11. J

    Any Darth Mauls here?

    Working on a supersecret licensed product and looking for a fit, accurate Darth Maul costumer to snap a few shots for me. Makeup not required - Ray's head will be used. No money to pay you, but I'll make it worth your while. Drop me an email if interested:
  12. frosty

    Phantom menace yoda, why did they change him?

    I thought i'd start a thread on the prequal yoda, what are your feelings on it? me, i thought it was awful, why change it? why use silicone, i think the most shocking thing i found was that Nick dudman had access to the original moulds for yoda from the ranch, and yet they still redone him from...
  13. Warrenzo

    Qui-Gon Jinn

    Hey folks, just thought i would share with u all my Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn costume. I also have a Stormtrooper costume and im currently putting together a Ghostbuster aswell. Click here for the pics
  14. B

    STAR WARS Saesee Tiin Jedi Bust

    Today i got to meet a well known Australian prop maker , And amoung the awsome hero props i got to see (and feel up , well move them around to beter light ) not that i moved this big sucker , ,Some of which are HERO HELMETS, and i do like helmets I didnt take a camera with me but ill get the...
  15. Bince

    Mos Espa original wall prop [Star Wars Episode 1]

    Hi, I already posted this topic on The Movie Prop Forum. I bought this prop one year ago on The seller obtained this prop during a trip in Tunisia (1999). This prop is not screen used but used during production of Mos Espa scenes. I think that is a wall prop who can found on the walls...
  16. A

    original nubian royal cruiser cockpit seats ,any idea of value?

    hi all im still trying to get an idea of the value of my 2 original nubian royal cruiser seats from phantom menace ,i been asked for a selling price by a few members of the forum but im finding it hard to settle on a selling price ,any help would be great ?theres pictures in my album and also...
  17. A

    nubian royal cruiser cockpit seats from phantam menace

    hi all just been on the phone to a pal and his brother said this was the place to show my latest purchase ,cut a long story short ive just got my hands on the 2 surviving original chairs from the nubian royal cruiser used in the filming of episode 1 phantam menace ,these two seats have been in a...
  18. Spooky1

    Help! Can anyone identify this symbol from Phantom Menace?

    I picked up this canister from the propstore a few years ago and have always wondered what the symbol was. It was found in the background of Padme's ship when she leaves Alderon...
  19. jedimaster

    Can Anyone help identify these?

    These were original production used acetate control panels from the prequel trilogy . i'm trying to identify which scenes the were from. and which ep 1,2 or 3 ?
  20. thawn_es

    Luke´s Home "Sidi Driss" Original Pics!

    I have a lot of pics of the Hotel Sidi driss, Mos Espa location on the desert. here they are an example! Pm if you want more.
  21. F

    Episode I droid war freighter

    Does anyone have ref pics of the Droid war freighter from MOM. (The Viceroy freighter)

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