star wars the phantom menace

  1. BornKilr

    Star Wars Figure Identification Help!

    Does anyone here recognize these Star Wars Phantom Menace figures? They are around 6" tall and appear to be hollow vinyl. You painted them yourself with supplied paint. The bottom says "1998 Hasbro Made in China" and a LucasFilm copyright notice.
  2. S

    Star Wars DUM Pit Droid

    I'm working on a DUM model pit droid (Episode I) and although it doesn't seem like many have been built over the years, I've found enough raw source material to scratch build one. I'll post progress photos (mostly for myself!) but if anyone out there has made a DUM, I'd love to hear from you!
  3. M

    My Full scale Darth Maul who is usually in my Office !!!

  4. M

    ISO Darth Maul EFX Lightsaber Acrylic Piece Replacement

    Hello, I am in search of an acrylic piece used a stand for my EFX Darth Maul Lightsaber. I purchased the lightsaber on eBay, however the seller did not tell me the piece was broken until after I received it. I have tried contacting EFX, but they do not carry any more replacement parts. I also...
  5. jsummit

    Becoming darth maul october 2017!!

    Hello Everyone, Check out my process videos on becoming Darth Maul!! I have included links to very helpful tutorials in the descriptions! Feel free to like, comment, and subscribe!
  6. iloveyouiknow87

    SEBULBA 12" figure

    Hi everybody!! very nice to meet you , this is my first post.. i could have choose from some of my other works , but this piece it mean a lot to me.. thats a special one, and thats why i choose it for this very special occasion:cheers. i sculpted this piece during a rough time of my life , i...
  7. R

    Mace Windu Lightsaber Replica Help Finding Parts

    Hi Everyone! I am designing a Mace Windu Lightsaber Replica and am looking for some help trying to track down some parts I am going to need. One of those is the patterned rubber grips located along the base of the lightsaber and around the top of it as well. Another is the long grip pieces that...
  8. Marvin3242

    The Moisture Vaporator Desk Lamp

    Hi all! So for my next project I decided that I wanted to build something from Tatooine. I also have been hankering to build something at least slightly functional, and this is what I came up with: Its a moisture vaporator lamp! Well, technically its based around a candelabra socket...
  9. S

    Obi Wan TPM Lightsaber dimensions.

    I'm looking to make Obi Wan's lightsaber from The Phantom Menace. Does anybody know accurate dimensions from the screen used prop, even just the length would be very helpful. Thanks
  10. Detreut

    Lightsaber 3d-printing and casting-experiment, in a try to make a modular hilt system

    Hi guys! I have been lurking here for a while, and finally descided to join! Above is my first homemade lightsaber hilt, heavily inspired by Starkillers. Manly made from copper tubing and a chromed stainless steel-tube, therefore being a relatively cheap project... when making this I had...
  11. jubbadee

    Scrapped Darth Maul concept

    I'm seriously considering putting the time and money into making this cosplay. Apparently this is a Darth maul concept scrapped from a game that was being made about him. What do you guys think? Is this worthwhile? I'm not sure if i want to put the effort into working out and getting ripped or...
  12. Z

    Pepsi Maul restoration [Norway]

    Wanted to start this thread and try to document the whole project as best as I can. The older similar projects in here are starting to lose it's pictures, and many are using mostly the clothes as the only original parts. A bit of backstory, the statue was used by our local cinema when the...
  13. Jake Kassnoff

    Clone Wars Battle Droid

    working on a droid for a youtube sketch:
  14. Jake Kassnoff

    Battle Droid

    I'm working on a clone wars battle droid!
  15. ichnob

    TCSS New Saber Hilt Kit Offerings (Late 2016 Release)

    So during my daily check for The Custom Saber Shop for in-stock items from my wish list, I saw that their new offerings today included some new hilt kits. Looks like with the popularity of the Graflex 2.0, the line is being expanded even further, which can be great for people looking to build...
  16. Rich

    Star Wars Phantom Menace Era Jedi Robe - Material

    I'm looking to create a Jedi robe from the Phantom Menace era. I think I have enough patterns to work from, but I was wondering if anyone had recommendations on materials used? They seem to be heavy weight, but they billow when moving or walking. \
  17. Jake Kassnoff

    Padme's Blaster (ELG-3A)

    Easiest DIY ever!
  18. B

    I need help identifying this part of Slothfurnace's 'Derelict' lightsaber

    Right, as we all know, Slothfurnace's Derelict is an awesome lightsaber prop; one that I have found to be very inspirational with regards to designing my own Graflex style saber. The problem is that I'm having trouble identifying the decorative ring used around the blade, just above the emitter...
  19. mothman

    Captain phasma 1 day paint job

    ​Hi everyone just wanted to share my latest CHEAP TOY ,CHEAP PAINT RE-SPRAY. if anyone has any question please let me know:)
  20. V

    Episode 1: Pit Droid Standie Replication

    I was seven years old when Episode 1, "The Phantom Menace" was being released. My mother worked at a local book and video store and for the release of the movie and books several cardboard standouts of droids featured in the movie where released to help promote the release. Dorling Kindersley...
  21. CarbonaNotGlue

    Lightsaber Stunt Props - Info Dump

    Those of you who like to build lightsaber props for dueling/choreography/fan films may find this interesting. I just discovered that if you go to, click on "Archive" and search "lightsaber", you'll find several lightsaber props from the prequels that were auctioned off some time...
  22. M

    1:1 Darth Maul bust question-need advice!

    Ok, so my son (aged 7) is a HUGE Star Wars fan-he particularly likes Darth Maul and Vader. On ebay there [was] a Darth Maul bust for sale for £500-I offered £260 and the offer was accepted (great I thought-xmas main gift sorted). It arrived and was, well, not as I expected! the issues: It is...
  23. Xeobalth

    My Darth Maul Predator!

    Hello all, I used JFCustoms predator foam pepakura files to turn a traditional predator into a Darth Maul Predator build.
  24. L

    Star Wars Death Star Drinks Globe WIP (some instructions [pic heavy])

    Before I start, the reason for this post is for you guys to have a look at my ideas and the WIP of the build in case you want to have a go at it yourself, If anyone does, I'd love to see it finished. I was making this as a side project in my workshop but I have now had to close my business and...
  25. C

    Thermal Detonator WIP

    I have created my own thermal detonator in ZBrush and then 3dprinted the item with a MakerBot Replicator2. Enjoy Step details will be added later.