star wars the force unleashed

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  1. Samhain013

    Galen "Marek" Starkiller’s Lightsaber

    Hi everyone, I’m sure a lot of you’ve answered this question on so many times. So for awhile now I’ve been searching for someone to help me make a replica of Galen "Marek" Starkiller’s Lightsaber from SWTFU1. I am trying to make a replica like the one in this video; any help will be greatly...
  2. Jake Kassnoff

    Starkiller Lightsaber

  3. Detreut

    Lightsaber 3d-printing and casting-experiment, in a try to make a modular hilt system

    Hi guys! I have been lurking here for a while, and finally descided to join! Above is my first homemade lightsaber hilt, heavily inspired by Starkillers. Manly made from copper tubing and a chromed stainless steel-tube, therefore being a relatively cheap project... when making this I had...
  4. S

    Traditional Starkiller TIE Training Gear Armor

    Does anyone know how to get pepakura files for the armor pieces for this? It's a struggle to find anything. Build is for 501st submission. Thanks
  5. J

    Kylo Ren Anovos helmet is finally here. Pics + Video

    Hey guys. I have been on the forums for almost 2 years now but have never made an account to post. Figured I would do it this time around because I know a lot of people want to see the actual helmet that shipped by Anovos for Kylo Ren. I was one of the first preorders so my shipment was the...
  6. A

    Kylo Ren - costume build

    I'm working on a Kylo Ren costume. Pressed for time to get it done for Halloween but I am making good progress. Here are a few photos. Also, I am making a video blog on youtube with frequent updates. See below. Thanks! Adam
  7. L

    Rey Progress Thread from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    So I've got a huge convention coming up and I thought that I should pick a new costume to make, and after seeing TFA in December I was drawn to Rey like a fly to honey! This is an open thread for those who want to see the full process of making the costume and ask for any costuming advice! I'll...
  8. opt1muspr1me

    TFU2 Starkiller - Jedi Experimental Armor

    Hello RPF! This is my first post, and my first request for help. I want to build the Experimental Jedi Armor from The Force Unleashed 2, and I wanted to start with the helmet. This helmet is very unique in the fact that all of the lensing is lit. I'm going to use an existing Xcoser helmet of...
  9. mrbungle

    Supreme Leader Snoke mask sculpt

    i was bored and thought i would sculpt a snoke mask, I love character , can't wait to see more in the next film! here is the sculpt. should have it molded next week and starting the hands next week. thanks for looking.
  10. Daniel Nelms

    Star Wars TFA - Flame thrower project (WIP)

    Well like many here I LOVE Star Wars, I always have. From the I was a small child in the early 80s making lightsabers and spaceships from cardboard and junk around the house, this stuff has always fascinated me. And while the materials and techniques at my disposal have changed over the years...
  11. L

    Urgent Help needed! 1 week to build a reasonable Rey Staff in UK What Parts are you u

    Hi Guys. A week today I will be taking my daughters to a local Con (their first). My young est wants to go as Rey. Putting together a simple costume, but need help with the staff. Everything Ive found online all use parts from hardware stores in the States. I'm struggling to find what to use in...
  12. B

    Kylo Ren Costume-fabric, belt, helmet, etc

    Alright I'm starting this thread with a picture of my end product. If you like how this looks, keep reading! (I am probably going to ramble a lot in this sorry) As soon as TFA came out and I watched it, I threw out all my plans for my cosplays for my upcoming local con. I knew I HAD to do Kylo...
  13. D

    My Korbanth Crossguard WIP

    Hello all. I waited until getting my hilts to give any input on forums. I'm currently working on a Korbanth Crossguard hilt. I have pictures for how I plan or 'expect' to accomplish my wants for this being my first DIY saber. Maybe this will help you all too. Close up of how I imagine I...
  14. Jeditid

    TFA Flametrooper Armour

    So is there anybody actually casting the armour yet ?? Seen plenty of lids and I know a few flamethrowers in production - but who's on the armour ?? If anyone knows any armourers please post links etc
  15. H

    need help finding resin for pepakura model

    i am constructing a Bobo Fett helmet using 210gsm card (so it isnt as weak as regular paper), this helmet is a display piece and wont be knocked around or worn, just sitting there looking cool. so what type of resin would a need to use for this sort of purpose, it doesnt need to be ridiculously...
  16. R

    R2D2 Foam Build

    Building an R2D2 for a client, Progress so far..... Let me know what you think ;)
  17. S

    Kylo Ren lightsaber hilt / handle (on a budget)

    Hi RPFers! This is my first post (although I've been a member and enthusiastic reader for a while now) and wanted to share my new build, a kinda-quick-and-dirty Kylo Ren lightsaber hilt / handle (what's the correct name for it?) that I'm hoping to complete within a fortnight. I started with...
  18. V

    Another ANH/ESB/TFA Graflex Build Thread

    Howdy All! It was mail day today and I received my 2 Graflex 3 Cell tops. I am also in on Roman's Graflex Run, so I'm about to be very poor. Here are some pictures of the Kinda Crappy replica ESB hilt I got off of Etsy, the 2 Graflex tops from Evilbay, a Clamp from Custom Saber Shop, and a 2...
  19. mothman

    Captain phasma 1 day paint job

    ​Hi everyone just wanted to share my latest CHEAP TOY ,CHEAP PAINT RE-SPRAY. if anyone has any question please let me know:)
  20. R

    Young Darth Talon

    My daughter as Young Darth Talon for DragonCon @Cosplay_sydney
  21. Pacman117

    Star Wars TFA stormtrooper helmet build

    Hello all. I decided to start a stormtrooper helmet build that will hopefully be completed by the release of the movie in December. I am not an experienced prop maker I have only tried out pepakura building so any suggestions would be welcome. Early paper stage with a little bondo work on the...
  22. P

    Episode VII LIve Fire 9mm E11 Blaster (1st version)

    Just wanted to share pics and video of the Episode VII E11 blaster (or whatever the designation turns out to be) that the Mad Scientist and I built from the movie stills from the 1st trailer. We basically locked ourselves into the shop for 30+ hours (actually it might have been closer to 72...
  23. Antoine Andries

    Kylo Ren: lightsaber build

    Hi everyone, have been online here for a while now and haven't actively done anything so here's a try. So I'm making a Kylo Ren lightsaber replica + display, this is the basic idea. I'll be 3d-printing a file that I found on myminifactory, @Cemal Cetinkaya, thanks for that. So the file is not...
  24. hdtheater

    Unlimited Run Episode VII First Order Helmet Stand

    Since the Empire has changed logos and given themselves a new name, I am now offering a First Order stand! I designed these new stands using the same model as the stands that I have made for many of you in the past. These are CNC cut from ¾” MDF and measure 12" in diameter. They ship with a...
  25. Creator1326

    Star Wars ep7 BB-8 droid concept

    This is my concept for the BB-8 droid that is indeed a practical effect and not CGI. There is a side view and top view. Light Blue is the head dome. I am aware I'd need some batteries and stuff in the head for lights. Red are BIG rare earth magnets Orange are spherical bearings Dark blue are...

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