star wars the empire strikes back

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  1. Indy Magnoli

    Interest Stormtrooper Sunglasses?! Good idea or.... ?

    I had this idea to make a pair of sunglasses based on the classic Stormtrooper helmet... maybe something to wear outdoors while trooping helmetless (eating/drinking time)? Here's a rough photoshop of the general idea: Figuring a gloss white acetate with a matt black acetate top and dark green...
  2. A

    Hoth diorama

    Hello everyone, I am planning to make a 1:144 Hoth diorama. Anyone have some advice on how to scratch build an Ion Cannon a.k.a. V-150 Planet Defender? Also has anyone an idea what the measurements would be on 1:144 scale? Thanks, Arno
  3. Jeditid

    WANTED : Han in Carbonite Panel Greeblie .STL Files

    Hey guys Does anyone know where you can get a set of the Panel greeblies for my HIC build ?? I know you can get a printed set for £170 on Shapeways etc - but there's 4 of us building HIC's and so if we can get the STL files we can print them ourselves ?? Any help gratefully received. Also -...
  4. jimjimmyjones85

    Lando's Fist ! The Fighting 45th ! JOIN THE BATTLE FOR BESPIN !

    LANDO's FIST! The Fighting 45th! Troopers have the 501st. Jedi and such have the Rebel Legion! Bounty Hunters have the Mercs! But what do the loyal citizens of Bespin have? Well, I am hoping to change that. I am founding LANDO's FIST! The Fighting 45th! A home for all...
  5. lordsidi

    Need advice on painting my Revell Master Series Star destroyer

    Hello, I have'nt done models in many years now and even then I was a simple glue it and bottle paint it kind of guy. I recently bought this star destroyer model because I've always been a big fan of the ship. I've read some of your build instructions and I am always impressed with what you all...
  6. chubsANDdoggers


  7. chubsANDdoggers

    Addition Denix mods to help improve your build..

    Welcome to my dl-44 blaster journal. The goal has always been to design and then build ALL the dl-44 blaster’s to as close to screen accuracy as I could.. You can also find me on Instagram and Shapeways.. If you’re just joining in on the fun what follows is different ideas, techniques...
  8. 3DpropsNL

    Our F-11D v2 is ready!

    After a year of playing around with my F-11D V1 resin kit I wasnt happy with the quality and weight of the blaster. So I took the blaster back to the design table and added a few tweaks. The core of the blaster is a 30mm tube that supports it. I added additional lights in the tri-tube on the...
  9. Buckethead

    Dan's Scatter-Build Thread (Buckethead Props)

    Hi guys, although I'm relatively new to the full on replica prop game I feel I have enough to share from builds so far to warrant a scatter build thread. Some of you guys here are so amazing and know just about everything about these props, and I hope I can make stuff half as good as you guys...
  10. 3DpropsNL

    DH-17 ESB detail info needed

    Hi there, ATM we are busy creating a DH-17 ESB model and we are kinda stuck on this part on the front of the magazine part. Who can provide me with a front shot of this? Or can you tell me what it is?
  11. Mudron

    DeAgo Falcon tools/tips recommendations?

    Hey guys - I hope you guys don't mind me posting this here (I posted something similar to this a while back in the Deagostini Millennium Falcon corner of the forum), but: I just received the final parts of the Deago Falcon kit, and now I'm looking at all the stuff I need to properly put...
  12. F

    Don Post Classic Action Vader Modifications/Upgrades

    Hey all! I recently acquired a DPCA Vader helmet a few days ago for $170 (can't afford Bookface's and CSMacLaren"s Vader yet unfortunately) off of eBay. It came repainted and with some parts replaced, but I knew that that would be the case when I bought it. The painting on the face-mask is...
  13. H34d5h1f73r

    Scratch Build Stormtrooper ESB WIP

    -------------------!!!SCROLL DOWN FOR PROGRESS UPDATES!!!------------------- So.. Hey everyone! Just to start things off, I have never built a suit before or touched foam to begin with, so this is something I am learning as I go! I will give tips on how I solved problems and maybe ask...
  14. C

    McQuarrie concept Yoda

    Hey all! So I just started on a new personal project the other day that I've been wanting to do for quite some time. I've always loved some of Ralph McQuarrie's early concept sketches of Yoda that he did for Empire Strikes Back. I've always want to do a figure of Yoda based on some of those...
  15. RebelCityProps

    Quick Build Video: Luke's (ESB) Lightsaber

    Just thought I'd share a quick build video I put up yesterday for May 4th (Star Wars Day). It's a quick build recreating Luke's (ESB Version) Lightsaber using an old paint roller I had kicking around the workshop, some purpose made parts and some re purposed scraps. It was a fun little project...
  16. roygilsing

    Limited Run Vader MPP steel cast SHROUD (complete)

    UPDATE Apr 28: RUN FULL. Sorry if you missed out. Perhaps, some day, I'll do another batch. UPDATE May 1: Accepting payments. UPDATE May 12: EU & ROTW shipped. A large batch has also been shipped for further distribution in US & CAN UPDATE May 18: US & CAN shipping today and tomorrow (from the...
  17. A

    Location of the original lightsaber hilt props?

    Reading about these things is like going down the rabbit hole, but I've yet to find an answer to this and I am hoping someone with knowledge can help. How many original Skywalker hilt props were there, and where are they located? I've seen the props in person at three locations: Magic of Myth...
  18. A

    Luke ESB Mylar Tape

    Hello! I'm a life-long Star Wars fan, but fairly new to learning the prop details of the hilts. I purchased one of Romans ESB hilts and I'd like to add the 1/2" smooth mylar tape to make it closer to ESB screen accurate. Can someone direct me to something close to screen accurate that is...
  19. Deetz

    OT Tie Pilot and AT-AT Driver Helmets (finished!)

    I originally had ordered myself the OT Tie pilot helmet from Anovos...and waited and waited. So I decided to see if I could make one for me and my brother. Learn how to mould and cast items in the process. The original was 3d printed and assembled using PLA filament. The size is also a bit...
  20. RoyDeckard

    Vintage Vs. Replica Kobold and HP-44 Card

    Hey guys, I'm a first time prop-builder looking at building a Vintage Graflex ESB saber! I do have a vintage Graflex Flash already and I'm looking at filling out vintage parts as practically as possible with a vintage Kobold Clamp and a Vintage HP-44 Bus Card. Now my questions to all of you is...
  21. C

    How can i take care of my Master Replicas Luke ESB lightsaber?

    Hi, i have a MR Luke ESB replica for 13 years, and i wonder what can i use to take care of it so that it stay clean and don't rust. I know about the rubber strips, that part is taken care of, but what about the rest of the metal body? I don't know what kind of metal it's made of. And what...
  22. GraflexSaber

    Graflex with 3D print chassis from Graflex Saber

    My Graflex Chassis works with most bladeholder (TGS, SH, KR) and most soundborads (Plecter, NEC). Also there is a version for 18650 cells and one for 14650 cells! It is designed for vintage and similar replica Flash Tubes. You find a manual and more informations on my homepage
  23. Jake Kassnoff

    1970s X-Wing Pilot Cosplay

    I built a budget X-Wing flight suit!
  24. Indy Magnoli

    Interest Dagobah/Bespin Luke Mocassin-Boots

    UPDATE: Now available for purchase: Luke Fatigue Boots by Magnoli Clothiers with FREE Shipping! ------------------------------ As many of you know, we already make fully made-to-measure Luke Dagobah Boots... but those are out of the price range of a lot of folks... so if the interest...
  25. Title

    Graflex Bank - EVERYTHING you need to know about the Skywalker lightsaber prop!

    Hey! I've been working on this website for about 3 months now, gathering huge amounts of information about everything related to the Graflex and conveniently placing it all on one website. All the big and the tiny differences between each saber between each movie, an evergrowing image album, a...

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