star wars the empire strikes back

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  1. Juan Solo

    Cyberman Yoda?

    Greetings all: I picked up this life size Yoda head on ebay. It came with the same soft latex type hands and resin feet. Can anyone tell me if this is Cyberman’s aka Philip Robinson’s work? I’ve sent him a message as well. Hoping to hear back. Thank you for any assistance you may provide! Ps...
  2. kokkari

    Nice-N Slave 1 Build

    This is a bucket list project for me, and I am by no means a Slave 1 expert. So this is going to be a huge learning experience with a steep learning curve. There is very little info about how this thing goes together out there. So one of my goals is to provide some documentation on how it's...
  3. Mindmax

    Studio Scale Snowspeeder 1:10 Scratchbuilt

    Dear forum members, After my first Scratchbuilt model (Turbolaser Diorama I have decided to try it with a second one. A studio scale Snowspeeder 1:10 scale. This project has been a big challange for me as this whole...
  4. oleshobbyblog

    My take on a 1/144 Hoth Diorama FINISHED!

    Hi, <TL;DR> Basically this is my introduction post here on the forum. I also explain at some length the early stages of my first/current diorama build (Hoth from Empire Strikes Back) where I will use sounds and lights to create a sort of dynamic scene from the movie. Future updates will be my...
  5. jkno

    RS Prop Masters Snowtrooper helmet

    From RS Facebook page: "OK, so it's here! Our full lineage Snowtrooper Helmet: Alan Flyng Signature Edition. These will be getting signed next weekend. We have 50 ready to go and we are hoping to have Alan personalise these at the clients request (if required), but this needs to be...
  6. D

    Gloss Coat for Tamiya Acrylics base color

    Salut everybody, I have a question concerning using a gloss coat on top of a Tamiya acrylic base color and need some help or advice on this. I'm am currently converting my Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon and took the following steps already: 1. Primed it with Tamiya Fine Surface Primer...
  7. G W Zipper

    Vintage STAR WARS news

    Digging through some old Starlog magazines, I decided to offer up some vintage STAR WARS articles, news, etc. It's fun to see what people were writing about at the time, crazy ideas they had about the next film, reviews of movies we have all come to love. Please, if you've got anything...
  8. Joek3rr

    Empire Strikes Back Graflex Screws??? What your opinion?

    So I just got my shipping notification for TGS Graflex, with that in mind I am going to start the preliminaries for the build. And with that said I have a burning question, and I'm looking for people's opinions. You see I intend on doing the Bespin build. But while a lot of research has been...
  9. sctcarts

    HELP - trying to figure out this part - Bespin blaster & DL-21 hoth blaster

    I'm working on 2 builds, the Bespin security blaster, and the DL-21 Hoth trooper blaster. I've managed to locate all the other real world parts on both guns, and am building them with as many found parts as possible. They both have a greeblie on them that I can't seem to indentify, and I've been...
  10. T

    My HIC Build.

    I’m hoping for a clean build from scratch. I’m a moderately skilled carpenter hoping to learn as I go. my first debate is where to put my HIC. The first 2 photos are on the left side of my theater room. The enterance is on the left side of the photo and and the theater screen is on the far...
  11. mptachenko

    Live Fire DL-44 ESB Luke/Han Bespin

    I finally have some time and energy to get started on a new DL-44 project. I built a live fire ANH DL-44 a little over a year ago and made a thread here to record the process. It went very well and I posted some videos of me blasting stuff when I finished it. l then got a little over zealous and...
  12. C

    Mauser C96 model replica inaccuracies

    So I've been doing some research into what is avaliable in the way of Mauser C96 replicas to use as a base for a BlasTech DL-44 replica that I am hoping to build. With all my research however, I am unable to find specific information about what inaccuracies lie in a Denix 1896 Broomhandle (other...
  13. G

    Lobot Headpiece with Animated LEDs

    For my first post, I want to share a costume build I completed in 2015 which has some details I have not seen before, especially my LED animation pattern and arduino source code. I hope someone can make use of information from this build. Here is a photo of the final build and a link to all...
  14. fallimar

    Making Yoda for my 6yo son

    Actually his third choice honestly, but making an entire Vader or stormtrooper that he'd just grow out of - nope. I'll be doing the robe, kimono, hands, feet, a hat with ears, forehead and hair (he doesn't like wearing full face masks but if he grows into it I'd probably buy a mask), a walking...
  15. B

    Boba Fett Helmet Help

    OK, this is the Fett helmet I built a few years ago. It's just the helmet, no visor, no lining. I need to know the cheapest way to make this wearable. I don't have much money, so that's the route I have to take. This is just a personal project, I'm not going for 501st acceptance or anything. I...
  16. M

    Upside-down Kobold?

    (If this has been discussed elsewhere already, please let me know, I just haven't seen it.) While watching ESB the other day, I happened to catch this moment when Luke cuts himself down in the Wampa cave. That looks a lot like the orientation of the Kobold clip updside down as on the...
  17. K

    Kresty's Dagobah Fusion Generator / Reactor / Furnace - whatever you want to call it.

    On, SavageCreature made some plans for a 3Dprinted/flat styrene Fusion Generator so I thought I’d make a build to beta test the plans. That’s resulted in some refinement to the plans and discovery of still a few more quirks that could be fixed, but it’s certainly buildable now...
  18. PropWeasel

    Rebel scanner sensor thingy mabob build and then restart.

    Had this project sitting around for a little while and thought I would take a stab at it today. I had the prototype done in foam core, covered it all in ABS plastic then lots o bondo..Then after more research I see that my measurements are off.... it looks a little wide :(---- I may finish it...
  19. 13doctorwho

    Han Solo In Carbonite Questions For The Experts

    I want to start by saying I have read through a lot of great Han Solo in carbonite threads on here, and they have been a wealth of information. I do have some questions for the experts here who have done so much research... 1) How many actual props were made for the movies? 2) The Empire...
  20. TomtheBomb

    TIE pilot helmet

    Hello, So I have this black series shadowtrooper helmet. I was wondering "Hey what if I made that into a TIE pilot helmet." I was thinking about it for many days but I got no ideas. Please post ideas or suggestions below! If anyone has converted their stormtrooper helmet into a TIE pilot...
  21. PropWeasel

    Snowtrooper belt gak

    Hola Prop persons, I am looking for the centerpiece of the Hoth snowtrooper belt. It is a round bit with 3 raised circular bits in the center. This is a found object I think as it is also used on a prop I am working on. Sorry not the best pic. Any help on what the real item is would be...
  22. Sticky Toes

    Left handed DL-44 Holster: Can it be done?

    Hey all, I'm trying to make a left handed holster for a DL-44, and I could use some advice on making the pattern. Ideally, I'd like it to be similar to Han's holster, the 'Y' shape with the leg strap. Any of you leather workers ever tried something like this?
  23. N

    Best Han Solo Blaster

    Hey, thanks for clicking! I just wanted to know where to buy the best Han Solo blaster. This has been an itch for a very long time, and I want to scratch it lol. I LOVE STAR WARS!!!
  24. F

    Planet Hollywood Florida Star Wars Props

    Ok, saw a bunch of Star Wars props at the Planet Hollywood restaurant in Disney Springs, wondering about the authenticity of these props. Will try to post more detailed pics.
  25. Schwollosch

    EMP/ERTL Jabbas Throne Room Figures

    Hey Guys, I had the Jabbas Throne Room Kit laying around here for quite some Time now. Main thing that's bugging and preventing me from finally starting it is, that there are just way to less Figures included in the Kit. I wondered if any of you guys would know about Star Wars Figures of a...

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