star wars the empire strikes back

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  1. Jarvis B

    Yoda Height

    Whats the correct height for the ESB Yoda?
  2. Darth Lars

    Original ESB Hoth Rebel Hat

    I have recently been staying at hotel "Finse 1222" in Finse, Norway. The outdoor scenes of Hoth have been shot right outside the hotel, which the actors and production have stayed at. I was there together with ~40 other guys from the 501st and Rebel Legions. The hotel has an original Rebel...
  3. Cyberman


    HERES the latest update.. 5 August 2011 Hi Guys, I finally got some time to myself to do a days work on this ESB Yoda sculpt... My third attempt. I put the sculpt to one side a about a year while I concentrated on other projects knowing there was something in...
  4. lambotour

    Boba Fett; tour and archive shots

    I am planning to do a Fett display sometime in my life, but not until I finish my Vader displays and we all know how long those can take. So I came upon these Fett tour shots while searching the net. I'm sure most have seen them and I'm wondering what, if anything, may have been screenused? I...
  5. stonky

    AT-AT buttplate question

    Hey all, I've seen reference photographs of the AT-AT "buttplate" detail in two different configurations - which is considered to be correct? It appears to be upside down in some of the reference that I've been scouring over - any ideas? Is the MR configured properly?
  6. ckwanwoo

    My ESB AT-ST

    Hi friends, I'm writing this post to show making of my ESB AT-ST to buddy. The head is finished nearly excluding ESCI Neb part and body & leg are on going... I could get a lot of informations from good friends here (thanks to Lee and Allan for your support & help):) My AT-ST will be...
  7. imaginager

    Slave I ...from the "Inaccurate Buildup" LP

    First single from the forthcoming LP.
  8. Indy Magnoli

    ESB Darth Vader Gloves

    I'm looking at doing some ESB Vader Gloves, but only have a few photos and not very good ones. Does anyone have some nice details close-ups? Thanks, Magnoli
  9. Star Wars Helmets

    Video Review of Original ESB AT-AT Driver Helmet + 3 others on free DVD via utorrent

    Hi all I’ve just finished the latest video review, this time of the original screen-used AT-AT Driver Helmet from The Empire Strikes Back It took a long time editing the footage etc. I hope you all enjoy it Its available in standard and...
  10. Star Wars Helmets

    Original ESB Helmet review from Star

    I took a couple of minutes footage (literally) of the "patch" ESB helmet I helped Christies with a few years back. Ive edited it into a "review" of the helmet and included some background info on the history for people less-versed in the background to these helmets. I've stuck it on Youtube...
  11. Star Wars Helmets

    Original ESB Walker Pilot Helmet

    Every now and then we get a really great opportunity to see something special at and this is one such example. Just over a year ago we were contacted by the owner of an original AT-AT helmet and following discussions, I was able to recently visit and put the following review...
  12. TomSpinaDesigns

    Han Solo Carbonite FURNITURE - a custom desk from TSD! for sale at CV!

    Han Solo in Carbonite Desk / Table - custom themed furniture from Tom Spina Designs! Edit - after a showing at Star Wars Celebration V, this classic Han Solo Carbonite table sold for charity for $10,500! You can read more about that here...
  13. T

    What did Wendy Froud / Wendy Midener contribute to Yoda's creation and development?

    I've heard several people claim that Wendy Froud (and sometimes even her husband Brian, who isn't even credited on ESB) created Yoda. To these people I say, that while Wendy did work under Stuart as a Yoda Fabricator, Stuart is the one who created the character and sculpted the character...
  14. Boba Frett

    Screen used Snowtrooper pics

  15. TomSpinaDesigns

    Ugnaught 911 - screen-used restoration project

    Been meaning to post this here for a while but have been crazy busy. I did this a few months back for Brandon, who sent me a screen used Ugnaught mask from Empire Strikes Back that had deteriorated badly. It's a foam latex piece that had been stored (gulp) stuffed with newspaper since 1979...

    Please help! Need ref pics of "RED 5" (ILM model)

    With a CC X-wing on it's way I've been starting to go over in my head which version I should paint it like. Since I'm a very boring man my first choice was Luke's fighter. BIG problem! I've been able to find alot of ref pics of all the others but not a singel one of "red 5". So please, if you...
  17. C

    snowspeeder laser cannon parts.

    does anyone have any idea what kit parts might have been used for the snowspeeders laser cannons; i'm building one in 120 scale and i can't seem to find the right parts. Also i want to use the MPC kit as a guide. How do i scale up to 120 from the MPC kit?
  18. L

    magic of myth Executor (a question)

    For those of you who have seen it, are the panel lines on the main hull scribed or drawn on? I can't tell by the pictures, they appear to be scribed, but I want to know for sure. Anyone else have any pics of the ventral fantail that are clearer than what's on the net? Lonnie

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