star wars revenge of the sith

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    SW Ep. III ROTS "Broken Heart" Theory

    I can do without the prequels, but I'll admit that ROTS was the strongest of the 3. I found this theory interesting, in that it doesn't rely so much on headcanon, and cites the actual events of the movie. I always saw the symbolism in Vader being "born", as Padme was dying, but I never went as...
  2. i3ennett

    DC-15A Build. Picture Heavy.

    So I made a post a few days back on a DC-15A Clone Blaster I was working on, However I wasnt happy with how the blaster was comming out so I scrapped the project and started from scratch. This time I am very happy with how the Blaster is coming along and took a lot of pictures through out the...
  3. i3ennett

    DC-15a Scratch Build

    So recently a friend and I were talking about going to the next Comic Con and dressing up as some of our favorite Star Wars Characters. I picked a clone trooper, and while the DC-15c is a sick blaster I wanted the full sized rifle. I couldn't find much on the blaster, How-to wise, so i decided...
  4. BobaFett980

    The Clone Wars Helmets?

    Solution was found, files were obtained, thread is no longer needed. Ty.
  5. L

    Star Wars Death Star Drinks Globe WIP (some instructions [pic heavy])

    Before I start, the reason for this post is for you guys to have a look at my ideas and the WIP of the build in case you want to have a go at it yourself, If anyone does, I'd love to see it finished. I was making this as a side project in my workshop but I have now had to close my business and...
  6. A

    Angelblights Templates for Star Wars - W.I.P.

    Here is one of my first attempts to generate a Foam template off a game model. I would definitely appreciate any advice to make better templates. I have been dabbling with some other...
  7. C

    Thermal Detonator WIP

    I have created my own thermal detonator in ZBrush and then 3dprinted the item with a MakerBot Replicator2. Enjoy Step details will be added later.
  8. D

    Darth Vader Helmet with changes, by Darkpixelstorms

    Hello, We decide to post photos of first version Darth Vader Helmet, without much changes. in this one we try to "copy" helmet from movie, but in the future we will try to upgrade this with our visions. We lost some photos when formatting the drive in a laptop, not only for this project...
  9. hansolo2504

    C3PO helmet?

    Hi guys! Just out of curiosity, does anybody make a good 3PO helmet? Cheers :thumbsup George :)
  10. T

    Anakin Skywalker belt

    I'm creating a ROTS Anakin costume and am curious if anyone knows of a good place to get a more authentic belt and pouches made than the numerous sites that I've found offering pleather options? Thanks for your help, DJ
  11. L

    Papercraft Life Size Battle Droid, R2D2, BB-8, Droideka, C1-10P....

    Hi Folks I Figured It Was Time To Update My Post Anyone Wants Any Info Let Me Know......Life Size Battle Droid ...Built Over A Few Months From Thick Card Stands Over 6ft Tall...Been Building Models For Quite Some Time Mainly Star Wars...Small And Large Models ...Built Full Size R2-D2 and R5...
  12. D

    Stormtrooper Helmet with changes, Pepakura&Putty

    Hello, My name is Philip, and with my friend Jack, we started to build Stormtrooper helmet. We don't want to clone helmet from movie, we have vision to make this more like realistic one helmet, with some sort of changes.At start it will be only apperance changes, but in future we going to add...
  13. M

    Star Wars ARC Starfighter Ep. III Making of

    Hi everyone! We are a group of modeling huge fans from Madrid, Spain. We would like to share with you our last project. This is our version of the ARC Ep. 3 Star Wars. We hope you'll like it, but we are not very sure about the final details and we'd appreciate very much any contribution in...
  14. Sciford

    1/48 Sith Infiltrator

    Where I'm at so far. Been adding little greeblie bits here n there. Still have a few more to add, as per my reference photos. For now tho, I'm going to start on the desert dio for it, the base is 26" x 30".
  15. CT7567

    Phase 2 Captain Rex Helmet

    Hi, I'm new here and I thought you guys may want to see my Phase 2 Rex Helmet that I did a while back. This was my first helmet build so it obviously won't be perfect but I really like the way it turned out. WIP and finished pics below. Let me know what you think:
  16. hardcase32

    Papkura phase 2 clone trooper helmet

    Hey everyone I have just started on Fierfek's Papakura phase 2 clone helmet and have already run in to problems. I didn't notice until after I printed out all 36 pages that none of the parts were numbered. What should I do, I have thought about reprinting it out on the back side, thought I...
  17. hardcase32

    papakura phase 2 Clone helmet

    Please delete wrong forum.
  18. grumble garage

    Hey Trooper guys! anyone know where to get material for mirror red visor?

    Troopers, anyone know where to get material to make a mirrored red visor for an Utapau Shadow trooper? I've seen guys with the full costume with the correct visor. All the motorcycle ones I see on ebay look gold, orange, or purple, haven't found a true red. Let know or point me to a website...
  19. O

    A total beginner with prop replicas! Need help with Commander Bacara Phase 2 set.

    Hello everyone, I am very much new when it comes prop making etc, practically cosplaying as a whole, so please go easy on me for what I'm about to say. About 2-3 weeks ago I ordered a "ready made Commander Bacara Clone Trooper helmet" from Nexus Enterprising only to discover a couple of days...
  20. O

    A total beginner with prop replicas! Need help with Commander Bacara Phase 2 set. thread has been moved here, sorry!
  21. T

    Chewbacca Bandoiler help?

    Working on my Chewbacca costume. I was wondering where you could get the metal boxes to put on the strap, a good cheap pouch to use, and a place to get some leather? I would love to know where to get supplies, thanks
  22. T

    Advice for my Chewbacca Cosplay/Mask?

    So I have been making blueprints and researching designs for creating a Chewbacca Cosplay. I havn't found a clear way to make a static mask and I was wondering if any of you Wookie experts could give some advice. I would love to know: -What to make the mask out of -How to attach hair...
  23. DP74

    My Indiegogog Campaign for a film on Costuming and Cos-Players!

    Cos-Culture | Indiegogo <-clicky! My name is Jay Bianco, I'm a filmmaker, a Costumer, and a member of The RPF and The 501st Legion - along with my wife and kids, for a few years now. I've asked permission to post my campaign on this site, and am very grateful that I'm able to. I'm posting...
  24. R

    Sculpting a Imperial Galactic Marine from scratch

    Hey everyone, So I've been wondering why in the heck I haven't posted this thread here seeing as how I've been posting it EVERYWHERE else. My apologies, I feel bad for not doing this sooner. Anyway, some of you may already know that I've been working on this project for a while now (which...
  25. thd9791

    Hardware/Replica Chronicles Obi Wan Kenobi Saber

    Hi Everyone, I'm very very new at prop building, and am looking to put together a general version of Obi Wan Kenobi's lightsaber from Revenge of the Sith, and A New Hope. "General Version" aka I bought a radial bearing to use as the wind vane, similar but much easier than gluing T Track around a...

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