star wars revenge of the sith

  1. F

    RotS Wookiee shield project

    In connection with my Star Wars 'living history' blog, I am slowly but surely working on building up a collection of in-universe 'artifacts' from different galactic cultures--a Twi'lek dagger, Ewok bow & arrows, a braintanned Ewok hood, a gadderfii, a B1 battledroid arm, etc. One piece that...
  2. Saberbay

    Limited Run Episode III Revenge Of the Sith Darth Vader Saber run(Install ready and accurate)

    Saberbay and Wattos Junkyard are happy to announce "The Dark Lord" lightsaber run. Projected expected completion time is December. Participants will be updated with any changes. Cost is $275 plus paypal fees, plus applicable taxes and shipping cost. 50% of hilt cost is due to be placed on...
  3. frostrubin

    General Grievous 1/12 Bandai Kit + scratch build LED lightsaber blades

    After years of hobby abstinence (2 kids and house renovation eats my time) I’m back with this wonderful Star Wars kit. It was my first Bandai and figure kit and I’m pleased how smooth the parts come together. I sanded the armor parts and carved some scratches and scares. After a light wash with...
  4. C

    Revell 1/2256 Venator WIP

    Hey all, I've been slowly working on this since May and figured it was about time to create a WIP. I'm building Revell's 1/2256 Venator kit with fiber optics, lighted engines, and a scratch built hanger bay. I'm also using many 3d printed pieces from shapeways for the hangar, bridge, and engine...
  5. R

    Mace Windu Lightsaber Replica Help Finding Parts

    Hi Everyone! I am designing a Mace Windu Lightsaber Replica and am looking for some help trying to track down some parts I am going to need. One of those is the patterned rubber grips located along the base of the lightsaber and around the top of it as well. Another is the long grip pieces that...
  6. A

    Galactic Marine Shoulders Sanding Tips

    Hey everyone im working on Galactic Marine costume and i'm focusing on the shoulder plates right now. My shoulders have been fully resined and fiberglassed. And moving onto the bodyfiller step i found out that the resin i've been using Aqua Resin can actually be used as a Bondo substitute, and...
  7. Blockers

    Lightsaber Display

    Just moved house, so here's my new Saber display! What does everyone think?
  8. Marvin3242

    The Moisture Vaporator Desk Lamp

    Hi all! So for my next project I decided that I wanted to build something from Tatooine. I also have been hankering to build something at least slightly functional, and this is what I came up with: Its a moisture vaporator lamp! Well, technically its based around a candelabra socket...
  9. TIGCreations

    Obi-Wan Force Fx saber revealed at NY toy fair 2017 - return of the fat-neck FXes!

    Title. Pics here:
  10. brthegreat117

    Want to Buy Anakin MR 2005 Battery/Speaker Pack

    Hey all, I'm in the process of converting my very old Anakin MR FX Lightsaber, but I'm missing the battery/speaker pack. Let me know if you have one. Need to buy it asap
  11. BLADE and BRUSH

    Republic Gunship - Modification and repaint of the Revell pocket kit

    For my second video I present the tiny Republic Gunship by Revell of Germany. It has been modified and painted to represent my favorite color scheme, as depicted in the original Clone Wars animation. I've edited this video a little bit differently to my first, based on feedback. I hope you...
  12. Z

    Want to Buy Anovos Vader life support system

    Hi-looking to buy ASAP. Pls message me. Thanks!
  13. cwstandards

    Hasbro Lightsaber Refinish

    Hi Everyone, I just completed a quick refinish to a Hasbro Anakin Skywallker (ROTS) lightsaber. It's part of Hasbro's bladebuilders lightsaber collection. I picked it up at Walmart for about $13 CAD. I got it for a Halloween costume as my partner and I are going as Captain Rex and Anakin...
  14. cwstandards

    Clone Trooper Foam Build

    Hey Ladies and Gents, I started a build for a female version of Captain Rex from Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series. After reading so many posts on RPF I figured why not start my own thread of the build I've been working on/off for the past few months. As a brief synopsis of what I have...
  15. G

    DC-15S Clone trooper pep file?

    I don't want to be that guy, but does anyone have a pdo dc-15s. Bevbors 4shared link isnt valid and I have looked everywhere and the russian page will not let me register. Please help!!!
  16. darthgojum

    Ki Adi Mundi Silicone Mask WIP

    Here's the start of the sculpt
  17. Galacticat

    Want to Buy Obi-Wan Kenobi Ep3 ROTS Boots

    Trying to find a good pair of Obi-Wan ROTS boots before DragonCon in September. Size should be around men's 9, $400 is probably the very most I can do.
  18. M

    Star Wars Wigs

    Hey everyone, first topic here :-) I've spent a long time looking for a Han Solo (original trilogy) wig and a Anakin Skywalker (ROTS) wig. Can anyone recommend any particular wigs that would be good for them? I've found some old threads but the links are broken. Thanks :-)
  19. dog of ulthar

    Do You Want To See A Bunch Of Star Wars Cosplayers Dance To "Genghis Kahn"?Yes You Do

    A ridiculous number of cosplayers, a ridiculous amount of time, and way too much unused footage of me screaming at sand went into this, and I wanted to share. You can watch the video here, and if you need some convincing I'll throw in some behind-the-scenes shots for free. Kylo Ren -...
  20. mmhnc

    Kid sized Jango Fett Costume completed

    To start, I'm posting this here and not The Dented Helmet becuse I can't seem to post pictures there, not sure if it's becuse I'm considered new there or what but makes updates difficult. On to the project. At the end of Last Halloween my kids started to put in their requests for the...
  21. asguard

    Want to Buy Darth Vader ROTS

    Hi, I am building up my Vader costume after a while on the shelf. I purchased an early MR helmet with some damage and some warping issues so after doing a lot of re-sculpting, it's almost there. I bought a few bits from Russ Rep a while back but they are all for ANH (belt boxes / buckle /...
  22. B

    I need help identifying this part of Slothfurnace's 'Derelict' lightsaber

    Right, as we all know, Slothfurnace's Derelict is an awesome lightsaber prop; one that I have found to be very inspirational with regards to designing my own Graflex style saber. The problem is that I'm having trouble identifying the decorative ring used around the blade, just above the emitter...
  23. JediObi

    Want to Buy Obi-Wan Resin Pouches

    Can someone make 100% screen accurate Obi-Wan ROTS resin pouches with the clips in the back? These were made by a guy called Diego but he no longer makes them. Here are some screen used pics. Thanks.
  24. JediObi

    Want to Buy Obi-Wan Resin Pouches

    Can someone make 100% screen accurate Obi-Wan ROTS resin pouches with the clips in the back? These were made by a guy called Diego but he no longer makes them. Here are some screen used pics. Thanks. Show original message
  25. JediObi

    Want to Buy Vader ROTS

    Hi, I'm curious, is there anyone here who knows of someone who makes 100% screen accurate ROTS Vader custom helmets and armor? Thanks.